Host a Just Paint by Number Night



Interested in hosting a Paint by Number Party but not interested in doing a lot of work?  No sweat!  Just Paint by Number will do most of the legwork for you.  Minimum party size is 6 people in order to get a discount off the custom kits.  

If you're not familiar with Paint by Numbers, it is a system where a picture is divided different areas by lines and each area is marked with a number that corresponds to a particular color. You paint in each area with the corresponding color.  If you follow this method, a beautiful, finished painting is the result.  This system can be enjoyed by people with varying degrees of artistic ability so there is not the need for an expensive instructor.  We can even create a custom Paint by Number kit from any photo.    

How it works

  • We ship you custom Paint by Number kits that we create from photos that you send us as well as accessories to your home or any other location.
  • We can set up a registration page where you can opt to allow your guests to register for free or pay a fee.  If you charge for tickets, you can opt to use the proceeds to offset your costs or even make a profit.  Alternatively, you can use choose to donate some or all of the proceeds to the non-profit of your choice.  
  • We can mail and/or e-mail your invitations.
  • We can set up catering for your event.
  • While we can't sell you wine directly, we do have a relationship with WINE.COM.  Visit their site and review their extensive collection of wines.  There are often specials available.  Delivery is not available in all states.  

    Let's set up your fun Just Paint by Number event for you today!  To get the process started, click on the link below.  To allow enough time for planning and shipping purposes, please pick a date that is at least 25 days out if you plan on using DHL or 45 days out if you would like to use the free shipping.