Animal Paint by Number Kits

In addition to custom paint by number kits, kits that are animal themed are among our most popular kits.  The most popular animal custom paint by number kits are dogs, wolves, elephants, and tigers.  These range from kits that are very realistic looking to those that are very abstract representations of these different animals.  

Each of these kits includes the printed canvas with numbers for each of the designated areas, the corresponding paints, and brushes.  They vary in size from as small as around 30 cm by 40 cm (about 12 inches by 16 inches) to as large as 80 cm by 120 cm (32 inches by 48 inches).  As with all of our kits, people enjoy the process of painting them, but more importantly, appreciate the ability to hang these paint by number finished paintings in different parts of their homes.

Take the time to browse our complete selection of kits.  Don't be afraid to contact us with any questions.  Enjoy your holidays!  

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