Custom Paint by Number Kits

We now offer a new, premium custom paint by number product.  You'll be able to review a proof of your painting before you buy.  The kits are produced in the US so you'll get them much faster than our current kits.  This product also offers a stretched canvas option with a frame that you do not have to put together.  Check it out now!

All of our Paint by Number Kits come with a canvas with the paint by number outlines, corresponding paints, and paintbrushes.  With these custom Paint by Number options, you will be able to create a special kit that will be rendered from any photo that you send us.  You will be able to attach a photo of your choosing at checkout.  We will send you the rendering for your approval prior to shipping.  We've included one of our actual recent renderings below so you can see how it actually looks.  

 Original Photo Just Paint by Number Actual Rendering