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Paint by Numbers for Kids

There is so much value in unlocking your children’s creativity and providing them with an outlet for their artistic minds. 

Our paint by number kits for kids are the perfect way to unleash their creative potential and begin their journey of self-expression through the medium of art. 

It’s an easy way for your little ones to make something they’re proud of and excited to show off to friends and family. It will also make a great decorative piece for their bedrooms as a reminder of what they can do when they put their minds to it!  

Whether they’ve been a pro with a paintbrush from a young age or are just starting to take an interest in arts and crafts, painting by numbers will play a key role in their creative development. 

Browse our collection and prepare to burst with pride as you watch your kids paint by numbers.

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Paint by Number Kits for Kids

Our kits provide a fuss-free and easy way for young artists to create a masterpiece worthy of being hung up in the home. 

It’s also a way for your children to enjoy hours of stimulating and relaxing fun without the need for electrical devices. 

Our canvases are broken down into tiny sections to match the numbered paint colors – all your little one has to do is paint that tile with the corresponding color and try to stay within the lines! It really is as simple as that.

Creating a beautiful piece of art has never been more achievable than with our children paint by number kits. All kits come with a full set of paintbrushes, paints to correspond with the numbered segments that make up the design, and a large-sized canvas with an image your child can choose, thanks to our fabulous children’s range. We have a large variety of children paint by number kits to suit the taste and preferences of kids across all ages: from cute animals to pretty landscapes and mythical creatures. 

Our kid’s paint by number kits are designed to challenge young artists without discouraging their confidence by being too difficult. 

We also know that kids can have a short attention span, which is why we sell some of the most colorful and engaging designs on the market! 

So what are you waiting for? Give your child a gift they will never forget and help them discover their artistic and creative abilities today. Browse our collection now.

How to Choose The Best Children Paint by Numbers Kit

The great thing about our paint by number kits is that they are unique to every child. Depending on their hobbies, interests or new obsessions, they can pick a design that reflects something about them and their personality. That is special. 

The clear, high-resolution display of our products online means that you can scroll through the kids’ collection on our website and let your little one point out the design they like the most – quickly and easily. 

If they’re too young (or easily distracted) to sit down and select one for themselves, just take a look at the toys they are currently loving, what shows they are watching and the topics they won’t stop talking about. This will guide you in your decision of which one to go for. 

It might also be a good idea to take into consideration the difficulty level of the artwork. If your child is new to painting, then a more simple design may be more suited to their skillset. 

Our paint by number kits for kids are the ultimate way to push their artistic skills to the limit and see what they can do when they have the confidence and belief in themselves.

At What Age Can Kids Paint by Number?

The age at which kids are able to paint by numbers depends on their specific abilities. Some children start developing motor skills earlier than others, which means they can hold a paintbrush and use it with precision from a younger age than others. 

You can start by letting your child paint free-hand on a blank piece of paper to see if they have the technique and patience to create something special with their paint by numbers canvas. Feel free to help them along the way if they are struggling with a particularly tricky or intricate part of the painting. They can always have a go and then come back to it when they’re a little older or have had a bit more practice. 

Ready to get started? Choose a design today and watch your child’s creative mind flourish.

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