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Vintage Paint by Number Kits

If you’re wanting to add a bit of culture and color to your interiors, nothing beats a bespoke piece of art… created by you! 

Become the artist of your new favourite painting by using only a few paints and a mapped-out canvas. Now is your chance to get creative and make a gorgeous masterpiece to be proud of with our vintage collection of paint by number canvases.

Our vintage paint by number kits are designed to suit every taste and preference. So whether you would like a European landmark, a replica Van Gogh print or an abstract wild animal taking pride of place in your home, we have the perfect vintage paint by numbers kit for you. 

No room is complete without something to brighten up the walls, and you can trust that one of our retro paint by number kits will do the job! 

Browse our exciting vintage collection and prepare for your home to be transformed.

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Create a Vintage Painting at Home

Each of our vintage paint by number kits come with a set of paints, paintbrushes, and a numbered canvas – everything you need to create an eye-catching retro masterpiece. 

Just choose a calm corner of your home where you can get lost in your artistic vision, and you’re ready to get painting.

A vintage-style paint by number kit is guaranteed to bring a touch of class and sophistication to any room. But also perfect for showing off your talents, immaculate taste in art and eye for interior design.

Our retro paint by number kits are very popular, as they are an easy way to add something beautiful and cultural to your home. They will always provide a great talking point for new house guests and are sure to inspire creativity in your friends and family. Thanks to the detailed color mapping of our kits and quality of our tools and materials, your finished painting will look as professional as can be. 

Whether you’re a dab hand at painting or just beginning to unleash your creative side, our vintage paint by number kits are a great choice for something fun and productive to do in your free time. 

With such a wide variety of retro paintings to choose from you are bound to fall in love with one of our designs – and lucky for you – it can be yours forever. 

Our vintage paint by number kits can tie together any room too. Just go for one that matches the color and aesthetic of the space and watch your home come to life. 

Browse our collection today!

Why Choose a Retro Paint by Numbers Kit? 

Our retro paint by number kits are designed to look good in any home. 

A vintage painting provides an interesting and aesthetically-pleasing addition to your interiors, and their timeless nature means you will be able to display them for years to come – without the fear of them becoming dated or distasteful. 

Besides how great they will look when they are finished, vintage-style paint by number kits are also super fun to create! This means you can simultaneously look forward to making them and hanging them up on your wall when finished. 

Painting by numbers is known to have a soothing effect with every brushstroke. This activity also holds benefits for people who need to de-stress and take their minds off their hectic lifestyles. The dual purpose of looking good and making you feel good means that paint by number kits are the ideal weekend activity to gift someone special in your life. 

The designs on our website are displayed exactly how they will look in real life so there is no chance of you being disappointed with the final product – especially when you are in charge of the paintbrush! 

Take a look at all the colorful kits on offer and pick your new vintage painting today.

From Classic to Quirky 

With over 75 designs to choose from, you’re bound to find your dream vintage paint by number kit within our collection. They range from beautiful snapshots of flowers and trendy city scenes, to more expressive and interpretive abstract prints featuring seasons and aspects of nature. 

Any painting you select will bring a burst of color to the room and instantly make the space more vibrant and unique. 

Retro paint by numbers is the ultimate way to unwind and feel accomplished as you work towards the finished product.

Unlike other companies, all of our paint by number kits are made in the US, making Just Paint by Numbers the most economical choice for all the budding artists out there – especially the ones wanting to get started as soon as possible, as our kits won’t have to travel far to get to you! 

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