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From pugs to huskies and puppies to kittens, we have all the furry friends to suit your needs. Animals can be wild, calming, and playful, no matter the style of animal you’re looking for, we will be able to provide you with it. With paint by numbers, dogs are a fantastic choice to paint and brighten your room.

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How To Paint Dogs?

Getting a dog to sit for a live painting session is nearly impossible (unless you’ve got yours expertly trained – we haven’t). So instead, use paint by numbers kits of dogs to help you on your way. We provide a canvas with an outline and numbers, as well as paint and brushes so that you can coordinate the colors and numbers to make a complete piece. There’s no need to worry about ‘how to paint dogs’ anymore!

Don’t See Your Breed?

If you can’t see the breed you want, you can still end up with the dog’s painting of your choice. Simply upload your picture onto our ‘custom prints’ section and choose either oil paint or acrylic, and you’re on your way! A paint by numbers dog from Just Paint By Number is sure to look fantastic wherever you choose to display it.

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