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Create Your Own Diamond Paintings

Turn your favorite photos into a bespoke piece of art with our custom diamond painting kits. They’re perfect for all occasions – from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to new babies! You definitely don’t want to miss out on the chance to memorialize your most treasured moments.

Design Your Own Diamond Painting Kit

We take your favorite photo, whether that’s a dreamy landscape or snapshot of loved ones and turn it into a fun and relaxing diamond art painting kit. 

Our custom diamond painting kits make it super easy to design. Each aspect of the diamond painting process is already thought out – all you need to do is place your diamonds in the right spot and have a lot of fun with it.

We provide everything you need in our kits to create a beautiful custom diamond painting.

You’ll receive:

Free Photo Enhancements By Our Photoshop Experts

With Just Paint By Numbers, you can trust that your custom diamond painting kits are of the highest quality. Our expert design team reviews and optimizes each and every image before it’s turned into a diamond painting kit. What enhancements do we make to your photo?

❤️ Our goal here is to make sure your custom diamond painting is full of wonderful colors and happy memories. ❤️

5 Easy Steps To Customize

To get your own custom diamond painting kit, it couldn’t be simpler. Just follow these five steps and you’ll have your diamond painting kit in no time.


Upload your photo

You can choose anything – from a portrait to a nature scene.


Select the perfect canvas size

We offer a range of different sizes so you can create the perfect diamond painting kit.


Select your diamond shape

Choose from square or rounded diamonds for your painting.


Click ‘add to cart’

Once you’ve chosen everything – you’re almost there.


Proceed to checkout

Confirm your order with your preferred payment method.

❤️ And that's it. You're done! ❤️

How To Make a Custom Diamond Painting

The process for creating art with a diamond painting kit is simple, easy – and most of all – fun. Ready?

1: Unpack your custom diamond painting kit. Get out all of the tools that are included in your kit so they’re ready to use, including rolling out your canvas on a flat, smooth surface. 

2: Pour diamonds into the tray provided. Choose which color you’re going to start with and pour those diamonds into the tray. Give it a little shake so that the diamonds are the right side up.

3: Put a bit of wax on your diamond pen – allowing you to pick up your diamond and place it correctly on the canvas. Remember to place your diamonds on the corresponding spot on the canvas.

4: Repeat the process with all the different colors and finish your diamond art painting masterpiece.

5: Frame your finished painting and hang it somewhere everyone can see – and admire it!

You can also see firsthand how to make your own custom diamond painting in the video below.

Diamond Art Painting: FAQs

If you’ve never used a custom diamond painting kit before, don’t worry. We’ve the answers to all of your commonly asked questions on how to create your own custom diamond painting.

How do I order a custom diamond painting?

Simply upload your photo, choose your canvas size and add it to your basket. It really is that easy.

What size canvas for a custom diamond painting?

The size needs to suit you. Each order we get, we make sure we produce a high quality custom diamond painting kit – no matter the size. If you want a custom diamond painting kit that won’t take too long to complete, you could opt for a smaller size. In the same vein, if you want a big project, go for a larger canvas.

When making a custom diamond painting, what resolution should the picture be?

The higher resolution your image is, the better for our design team. However, as a rough rule of thumb we recommend your image resolution is at least 300 DPI. 

Is there an age requirement for diamond painting?

Because diamond painting works with small resin diamonds, it’s unsuitable for small children. We recommend only purchasing a diamond painting kit for children over the age of four and that someone’s supervising the whole time they’re painting. 


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