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Nature has a long-standing relationship with paintings. Many paintings, poems, and novels have foundations within natural inspiration. When combining nature and paint by numbers, we knew it was important to be able to convey the feeling of the outdoors within a piece of art for indoors. If you find yourself looking for nature scenes to paint, look no further! We have numerous canvases to choose from and the option for you to customize your own.

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The Kits We Offer

Though art takes inspiration from mother nature, paint and painting can be otherworldly. We stock a variety of nature scenes to paint, from more traditional and classic sunsets to an animal and landscape collaboration. We have selected a range of prints we think will blow you away. If not, we also have the option for you to upload your own photographs and create something more personalized to you. There isn’t just one way to paint nature, paint by numbers is however a fantastic option.

How To Paint Nature

When asking ‘how to paint nature?’ there isn’t one answer. Traditional painting can require meticulous planning, which we aim to simplify. With our kits, simply use the premade canvas and colors to create mother nature in paint. There isn’t a specific technique to follow, other than ensuring the paint and numbers are coordinated. No need to ask, how to paint nature? – we’ve answered that for you here. Artists who paint nature take the time to admire their surroundings and capture the beauty of them. Being aware of your surroundings is linked with mindfulness, an act that is said to reduce stress, anxiety and help you center yourself. Combining the natural aspect of the piece with the motions of painting, are said to be therapeutic and calming. Though there have been artists who paint nature throughout history, mindfulness makes it a popular activity today. We’d love for you to share your artistic creations with us!

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