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New Arrivals

All of our Newest Paint by Number sets come with a canvas with the paint by number outlines, corresponding paints, and a set of paintbrushes.  Browse our collection, New paintings every day!

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Colorful Paint by Numbers

Our canvases work on the paint by number technique. The canvas will have an outline of the print and inside, small numbers of which each number refers to a specific color. The aim is to color by number to complete the design and give you a finished result.

Similar to color by number coloring pages, this is a way to achieve a bigger piece that can take pride of place within your home. This technique is great for a larger-scale as it gives you small, achievable sections to create as you go. Being able to see your progress is a great form of motivation and this technique gives you just that! Once you complete your colorful paint by numbers piece, please share it with us! We love seeing your amazing creations.

When you order, you will receive your color-by-number coloring pages, with outlined numbers, paints to match the design, and a set of paintbrushes to complete the set. All of the materials provided are of a high quality, specifically the canvas, which we have taken extra care to curate. But don’t just take our word for it, head over to our social media pages (linked at the bottom of this page) and check it out for yourself! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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