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11 Nice and Easy Paint By Numbers Kits to Start With

Painting is an activity that should be accessible to all. No matter your experience or ability with this creative medium, the calming and stress-relieving benefits of painting should be felt by everyone. But many don’t try their hand at painting because they’re afraid they won’t be good at it. That’s the beauty of activities like painting by numbers – you don’t need to have any experience or skill with a paintbrush, but can still create beautiful art. So whether you’re looking to get into painting or just want to have a fun creative hobby to do in your downtime, paint by numbers is a great place to start. Let’s look at some of the best easy paint by numbers sets.

Paint by number kits for beginners

Firstly, we’ll look at the simplest designs that don’t require much technique. Although paint by numbers sets are all planned out for you, some more advanced painters can incorporate techniques like paint blending to their projects to create a more seamless look. This does, however, require more skill and experience than you’re likely to have as a beginner. 

If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to stick to simple paint by numbers designs that don’t require those other techniques. All you have to do is fill the space with the right color and you’ll have a masterpiece in no time. And these easy paint by numbers kits can get you there.

Zebra Bubble Paint by Numbers Kit

Using just four colors, this kit is guaranteed to make your experience with paint by numbers easy. Plus, the stripes on the zebra are great for easing you into the painting process and getting you used to making brush strokes on the canvas.

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Colorful Roses Paint by Numbers Kit

This striking colorful roses paint by numbers has less intricate detailing than our other flower kits – but the results are just as beautiful. Its abstract and high contrast coloring make the lines much easier to paint. Larger and blockier colors are always easiest to deal with. You’ll have it finished in no time. 

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Dog Pop Art Paint by Numbers Kit

Fancy painting something uber cool? This dog pop art paint by numbers will look great hanging on any bedroom wall. With its clean shapes and lines, it’s easier to paint than most other kits too. The plain background and minimal use of colors also means you have fewer color pots to match up the numbers with. 

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Easy to see paint by numbers

These next few suggestions are kits that provide canvases that have larger spaces, fewer colors or slightly less detail. They’re great for beginners who want to fine tune their motor skills and practice their brush techniques without crossing the lines. But don’t worry, going for a simpler design won’t affect the quality of your painting. It’ll still come out as stunning as the more detailed kits. Let’s look at some of them now. 

Unicorn Paint by Numbers Kit

This kit might be marketed to children, but it’s also an ideal choice for a beginner painter. The simple, yet pretty design features larger surface areas for each color so you can get used to using the brushes and develop your technique.

Plus, who doesn’t love unicorns? 

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Paris Balloons Paint by Numbers Kit

With beautiful bright colors in pink and purple hues, this kit is a delight to paint for all abilities. The clear-cut balloons make it easy to practice circular shapes, but you still get a little detail with the majestic Eiffel Tower – best of both worlds.

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Giraffe Bubble Kit

This is a simple but striking piece of art. An awesome pick if you love animals, and the giraffe in the center lets you practice smaller details but with similar shades – meaning it doesn’t matter too much if you go over the lines a little. We all make mistakes!

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Africa Paint by Numbers Kit

One of our favorite landscape kits: a glowing sunset is always a wonderful subject to paint. Plus, the picture’s simple composition and focus on warmer colors make it straightforward and easy to see. We recommend working from the top down to get the best results. 

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Easy paint by numbers for adults

It’s likely that you’ve painted something in your life as an adult – and yes, even things like walls count. Seemingly unrelated experiences like house renovations still make you familiar with the way paint works and how it should be handled. Plus, doing other creative activities like drawing or sketching also develop your fine motor skills. Picking an easy paint by numbers for adults means you can choose a design that you like without worrying about it being too difficult. 

These next picks keep paint by numbers easy, without forcing you to choose designs more suited to kids. Let’s take a look…

Panda Mom Paint by Numbers Kit

Immortalize your love for the most huggable animals on the earth with a panda-themed paint by numbers kit. You can enjoy the calming effects of paint by numbers and still get a professional-looking result. 

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Colorful Sky Scenery Kit

With just a few smaller details to take on in the form of falling stars, this pretty sky scene is otherwise very straightforward and uses some lovely colors. Create a dreamy canvas that would look great in a bedroom. 

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Colorful Cat Paint by Numbers Kit

Pop art styles are characterized by clean shapes and bright colors, making it a great choice for those looking for easy paint by number kits. This zoomed-in shot of a cat still gives you detail without it being too particular.

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Van Gogh Flower Apricot Paint by Numbers Kit

Adults will appreciate this masterpiece from one of the most renowned artists of all time. You can paint your very own Van Gogh masterpiece with this surprisingly easy paint by numbers. The kit contains fewer colors than others, making it nice and simple to work with. You just need to master Van Gogh’s dramatic use of bold brush strokes!

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Haven’t found the design for you?

If none of these suggestions have captured your attention, don’t worry. There are a lot more where they came from! At Just Paint By Number, we stock hundreds of designs in an array of sizes and styles. Have a browse through our collection to find your favorite. Plus, if you don’t see a design you like, you can create your own easy paint by numbers kit by choosing our custom paint by numbers option. Just upload any photo and we’ll turn it into a beautiful paint by numbers kit. For beginners, you could find a simple stock image or take a photo of a pattern you like and use that – that way you’ll still get a personalized yet simple paint by numbers kit. Get started today.

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