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4 Tips and Techniques for Picture-Perfect Artworks

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Keen to order a paint by numbers kit, but worried that it won’t turn out as good as you hope? We’re here to share some tips and techniques needed to become a paint by numbers master.  

Read on before browsing our wide variety of collections so that you can choose the painting that’s right for you – one that’ll look awesome hung up in your home!  

Understanding Paint by Numbers

Paint by number kits are a fun and easy way to unleash your creativity, without the pressure of having to create your own design. Instead of overthinking your composition, you can get straight to painting, as the hard part is already done for you. 

Painting by numbers is also extremely therapeutic. It takes the stress out of art by providing a pre-drawn outline for you to work from. So you can just sit back, relax and experience the calming effects of painting, no matter how little you’ve practiced. 

Essential Tools and Materials

All of our paint by number kits come with everything you need to make a masterpiece worth displaying. You’ll start by selecting your design, whether it’s one of our premade prints, or a personalized paint by number outline created from a photo that you’ve uploaded. You’ll then get to choose your ideal canvas size at point of purchase, depending on how big you want your painting to be. 

Before you know it, your kit will arrive! It’ll come pre-prepped, with your chosen design already outlined and split up into numbered sections. These numbered segments will each correspond with a paint color, which you’ll find in the pack. Our paints are high-quality acrylics, and guarantee the best results when used correctly: by just adding a touch of water before each use. You’ll also receive a selection of paintbrushes in varying sizes so you can switch depending on how big the section is that you’re painting – making the whole process a lot easier. 

  1. Preparing Your Workspace

Setting up your workspace is an important part of the process. Before our paint by number kits can be laid out, you need to decide where you’ll be working from. Try to pick a part of the house that isn’t used regularly – this way, you’ll be able to relax knowing that your equipment can be left out without having to be moved. It might help to have quite a large surface so you can spread out and see everything clearly – minimizing the risk of knocking anything off the table. 

Painting by numbers can get messy, so it’s always best to lay down a protective layer between your table and canvas – whether that’s some newspaper or a waterproof tablecloth. Not only will this prevent stains on your work surface, but it’ll give you freedom in knowing that you can paint away without having a big clean-up job on your hands at the end. 

  1. The Process of Painting by Numbers

Here’s how to take your painting to the next level: 

Color mixing

When you begin, you’ll notice that the design is split up into numbered segments. Often there’ll be two segments next to each other that require opposing colors. When this is the case, try to blend the two colors together over the line where the segments meet. This will achieve a seamless look and make your painting look more realistic.  

Brush techniques

When you paint by number from a more intricate design, it’s worth knowing some brush techniques that can help you with those finer details. For example, using the tip of the brush to paint around the border of each segment before filling in the middle is a way to guarantee clean, defined lines every time. Remember to use the smallest brushes for the smallest segments in the design. 

Paint layering

One of the best and easiest paint by numbers tips we can give you? It’s all about layering. To really make the colors pop, go over them again with the same colored paint. This will make the tones more distinct and really bring the picture to life. 

Details and highlights

Adding details and highlights is a wonderful way to make your piece more unique – especially if it’s a personalized paint by number kit. Say you want to add various shades and shadowing…you can mix a touch of black or white into your colors and use them on certain sections to add depth and make the piece more lifelike. You can also use the tip of your brush to add dots and fine lines to achieve some texture – this works well on our animal prints, when the design features fur and whiskers. How about turning a pet photo of your own into a paint by numbers kit?

Troubleshooting common issues

Even though you may have all the best paint by numbers tips memorized and ready to execute, things can still go wrong. The most important thing to do is take your time – being careful not to paint over the lines, unless necessary, or use the wrong colors. These are easy mistakes, but can just as easily be prevented by taking it slow and concentrating.  

  1. Caring For Your Finished Artwork

There are lots of precautions you can take to make sure your painting stands the test of time. First, your canvas needs to be completely dry before moving, storing or displaying it. If not being displayed, you should wrap it in bubble wrap, or another protective material, and store in a cool, dry place.   

  1. Finding Inspiration and Advancing Your Skills

If you can’t decide on a design, find inspiration by scanning a variety of collections. Taking the decor and color scheme of your house into account is another way of narrowing down your options. Even search for a community of painters through our social media channels – you can join in the fun by tagging us and sharing your artwork from the start of the process to revealing your finished product. 

To really broaden your horizons, go beyond our pre-made designs and choose to create a personalized paint by number canvas from a special photo in your camera roll that you think deserves to be seen by all. 

We hope these paint by numbers tips and tricks have been helpful and will encourage you to take the plunge by ordering a kit today. Got any questions? Just shoot us an email: [email protected]

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