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9 Little-Known Paint by Number Techniques to Make Your Artwork Look Professional

If you don’t yet know how to do paint by numbers, this blog will give you some useful paint by numbers tips to help set you on the right track. You’ll be one step closer to being a pro! With these easy paint by number techniques, you’ll grow your confidence as an artist while uncovering hidden talents! 

1. Read the Paint by Numbers Instructions 

It may sound like the most cliché paint by number tip, but reading the instructions is the easiest way to make your artwork look like a Picasso piece. Even if you’ve done paint by numbers activities before, always scan the paint by numbers instructions. You may have missed something important or even some useful tips! 

Also, there may be a certain order and method for painting by number activities, and if you miss any paint by number techniques, you may have to start over. 

2. Keep Your Canvas Steady

When painting by numbers, you’ll need to have a steady surface as the chances of spilling are high. But, with the right balance, you’ll be able to focus more on the numbers without painting outside the lines. 

You could use a frame or foam board to set your canvas before starting with the paint, this will stop your painting from shifting as you go. Avoid using masking tape to hold the canvas down as this may result in tearing once you remove the tape. 

3. Have Fun and Make Mistakes! 

They say that you learn from your mistakes, but in some cases, having fun is more important! Making mistakes only sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. 

If you slip and make a mistake with your paint by number painting, don’t worry too much! Mistakes add character to your work, and if it makes you feel any better, some of the world’s most infamous artists make mistakes in their paintings. And their paintings sell for thousands if not, millions, now! So, don’t let the little things hold you back; keep on going and know that it’s okay to have fun while you’re painting. 

4. Water Down the Paint

Keep this in mind if you’re new to paint by number activities! The kits come with thicker paint than a regular watercolor, and if you’re not careful, you may ruin your masterpiece. 

You can add two-to-three drops of water to each little pot of paint to water them down – a little goes a long way! Doing this will also help your painting dry faster, so there’s no risk of smudging your masterpiece while you’re hard at work. 

5. Cover the Numbers 

After all that hard work, your work should look like a piece of art! But at the back of your mind, you’re worried that those teeny-tiny numbers will still peek through, right? You can hide the numbers with a white paint marker, let it dry, and then paint over it. Remember to note the number before covering it with the paint marker, since you’ll need to match it to the right color. 

6. Paint in Sections to Avoid Smudging 

When you’re painting, it’s easy to get carried away, and it’s so tempting to keep painting until you see the final result. But, it’s not always the best idea to work straight through, though. You need breaks and time to recharge! 

Painting every section all at once can result in accidental smudges which can ruin your entire painting – then there’s no going back. If you want your paint by number piece to turn out right, tackle one section and color at a time so that the paint has enough time to dry before moving on. 

7. Take Good Care of Your Paint by Numbers Accessories

Taking care of your accessories is one of the most important paint by number techniques, particularly your paint brushes. After coating them in one color, you should wash your brushes before coating them in another, so they don’t mix together.

When you do this, make sure no color runs from the water before carrying on with your paint by number painting. And if you’re not using your paint brushes, be sure to allow them plenty of time to air dry. 

On another note, you should also take care of your little paint tubs, making sure you close them after each use. Doing this will stop the paint from drying out! If you plan on spending a couple of hours painting, you could even take a little bit of each color and put them straight into a paint palette. Add a little water, then close the paint tubs to stop them from going solid. 

8. Take Your Time

If ever there’s a time where the saying “quality over quantity” falls into place, this is that. Painting should be an enjoyable activity for everyone involved, so take your time with your paint by numbers piece. 

There’s no rush to finish it in one day. Remember that there’s plenty of time to come back and paint small sections here and there, so take it easy. If it takes you a week to complete, then so be it. After all, you’d rather have a beautiful finishing piece than feel as though you could have done better. 

9. Choose a Calm and Quiet Space to Paint

Painting in a calm and quiet space will help you do your best work. It’s one of the most forgotten-about paint by number techniques out there, but arguably the most important. 

Full concentration. No noise. No distractions. Just you, your mind, and your painting. Nothing else should matter, at least not while you’re in your element. And remember, you’ll need a decent amount of light to do your best work, so choose a space that’s well-lit to avoid straining your eyes. 

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