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Canvas painting kit: 7 things it needs to include

Whether you’re creating your own canvas painting kit or searching for a pre-made one online, you need to know what makes a good kit. Having all the right materials and tools is crucial if you want to get started quickly and focus on creating your masterpiece.

So, what does a complete canvas painting kit look like? Well, it should include the following items:

  • canvas
  • paints 
  • paintbrushes 
  • frame

There are also a few household items you’ll need to complete your art project:

  • painting surface
  • water 
  • paper towels 

Let’s look at them in a little more detail now. 

Canvas painting kit essentials

  1. Canvas

The surface you paint on is, of course, one of the most important parts of any painting kit. And a canvas painting kit will naturally contain a canvas. But a canva can come in different forms.

Firstly, there’s the white canvas that you probably picture. This has already been stretched across a wooden frame, and once you’re finished painting, you could hang it up right away. The wood that supports the canvas can act as a frame for it. 

Then there’s canvas that hasn’t been stretched yet. It looks like paper but is actually a lot thicker, often made from cotton or linen, and can be purchased in rolls or sheets. 

Canvas is a great material to paint on, especially if you’re using acrylic or oil-based paints, as both these paints glide effortlessly over the material and aren’t prone to sinking in. 

  1. Paints 

When it comes to building or finding a canvas painting kit, you’ll want to opt for one of two types of paint: acrylic or oil. Acrylic paints are super easy to use and are well-suited to beginners or casual painters. Oils can be more difficult to master because they usually require blending and take longer to dry. 

If you’re looking for a canvas painting by numbers kit, you’ll definitely want acrylic paint in your kit – its fast-drying nature means that you don’t have to worry about smudging your masterpiece as you move onto different sections. 

  1. Paintbrushes

The best brushes enable you to create a wide range of designs – no one wants to paint the same thing over and over, right? So, it’s important that your painting kit contains more than one brush, otherwise you won’t be able to create different shapes and sizes in your painting.

You should try to have a variety of different brushes so that you can achieve different effects, but also to make sure you don’t paint outside the lines too much.

A good canvas painting kit will have the following brushes:

  • Large, flat brush that can help you fill in bigger spaces more quickly.
  • Medium, rounded brush that’s great for curved shapes and more fluid painting. This is also a very versatile-shaped brush, awesome for use on a variety of different projects. 
  • Small, narrow brush that allows you to create high levels of detail and paint those tiny shapes too. You can use this brush to outline parts of your design to create more definition.  
  1. Frame

If you want to display your creations after you’ve painted them, then you’ve got to have a frame in your painting kit. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a canvas painting kit for adults or kids – we all deserve to feel proud of our work. Just make sure your frame fits your canvas so you can display it somewhere. 

  1. Painting surface

Once you’ve got all the right tools to start painting, you need the right place to embark on your latest creative project. It’s important to have a large, flat surface to complete your painting on. This is usually best in the form of a table or worktop – whatever your canvas will fit on. 

  1. Water 

A vital tool to have with you while you’re painting for two main reasons. Firstly, water can help to loosen up your paints, which can be super useful if you’ve already opened them in a previous painting session and they need to be a little thinner. 

Secondly, if you want to paint with the same brush but with a different color, you’ll need to clean your brush first. No one wants to create a murky mess because you forgot to rinse off the gray before getting started on a green area! And acrylic paints dissolve easily in water – a few swirls and you’re good to go. 

  1. Paper towels 

After you’ve used water to wash your brush, make sure you’ve got some paper towels handy to get any excess water off your brush. Why, you ask? Well, you can’t paint with a dripping wet brush because it’ll make your paint too thin, and it’ll be much harder to control when you apply it to your canvas. 

Each of these elements we’ve just discussed are as important as the other, so making sure you’ve got all seven on hand means you’ll have the best chance of creating something great every time you paint. 

Getting started with your canvas painting kit

If you’re a real beginner when it comes to painting, you should try your hand at a paint by numbers kit. It’s a fantastic way to get to grips with painting, and is a fail-proof way to benefit from the calming and stress-relieving effects too. 

Plus, when you get a paint by numbers kit, it comes with all the tools you need – so there’s no sourcing for items that we’ve covered in this post yourself. 

Order your canvas painting by numbers kit 

Ready to have your own canvas painting kit without the fuss of buying everything individually? You can order a pre-prepared and designed canvas paint by numbers kit at Just Paint By Number. With a range of different designs, you’re sure to find a kit for you – no matter your level of experience or tastes. Our paint by number kits are made with high quality canvas, and can come with a perfectly fitting wooden frame to display your art – or give to someone as a gift. Browse our wide range of designs now.

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