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Custom Paint by Number Kits – Created from your photos

Custom Paint by Number Kits - Created from your photos - Just Paint by Number

One of our most popular products are our Custom Paint by Numbers kits.  With these kits, we’re able to take any of your photos, and create a completely personalized Paint by Number kit for you.  Prior to sending it, we are able to convert your digital photo and generate a rendering, which we send to you prior to shipping the final kit.  

We have receive photos of peoples significant others, children, pets, and many other prized memories.  These custom kits make special gifts.  Currently, we have two basic options:  an Oil Custom Paint by Numbers kit, as well as a Acrylic Custom Paint by Numbers kit.  From there, the size of the canvases range from 20 X 20 cm (about 8 in by 8 in) to as large as 80 cm by 120 cm (about 30 in by 47 in). The kits take approximately 12-20 days to be created an shipped to our door.  However, you won’t be disappointed with the final result.  

We’d love to get photos and videos of your finished pieces.  Feel free to post them on our Just Paint by Numbers Facebook Fan Page or join our Just Paint by Numbers Facebook Group and post your photos there as well.  Stay tuned for more updates from us.   

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