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Cute Mother’s Day Paintings to Bring a Smile to Her Face


Looking for something relaxing as a gift for mom? If yours is the arty type, a paint by numbers could be just the thing they need – and she’ll get a unique work of art for her home. At Just Paint by Number, we have a collection of hundreds of cute Mother’s Day paintings that are sure to bring joy.

Unlike other retailers, we supply everything in one kit. Our packs come with all that mom needs to complete her masterpiece, including canvases, paints and brushes. We know there’s nothing more frustrating than running out of paint or struggling with poor quality tools – it breaks the creative flow and really takes the fun out of painting. Save your mom this hassle with an all-in-one Just Paint by Number kit.

Paint by numbers is also a super relaxing hobby, and who deserves some me time more than your mom? For the woman who’s always putting others first and spending time keeping her family happy, something so peaceful and calming to do will make her feel truly wholesome. The methodical nature of a paint by numbers means she can zone out any distractions and concentrate on creating a piece of art that she can be proud of. This is a really thoughtful way to show how grateful you are for everything she does and give her the chance to focus on herself for a change.

Just Paint by Number has an extensive range of kits to choose from. From puppies and peonies to beaches and butterflies, there’s something for everyone on our website. To help you pick the perfect gift, we’ve put together some cute paintings for mom she’ll love almost as much as you!

Yellow flowers

Forget the traditional bouquets this Mother’s Day. Give your mom the gift of flowers with this stunning paint by numbers kit. Featuring a colorful combination of roses and lilies, there’s a floral and vintage feel that your mom is sure to love. Bonus – these flowers will last a lifetime! So if your mom is into her gardening or simply appreciates a beautiful arrangement, this one’s for her.

Paris balloons

‘We’ll always have Paris’ – especially if there’s an incredible paint by numbers like this one. For the Francophile in your life, this stunning scene will transport them to the buzzing streets of Paris with every brush stroke. Whether your mom is an avid traveler or simply loves to dream about far-off lands, this kit will whisk her away on a journey like no other.

Seaside girl

Take mom’s breath away with a striking seascape. Blending an exquisite range of blues and greens, our Seaside Girl painting is a must for moms who crave the ocean waves. The featured girl is a perfect addition to the serene view.

Custom paint by numbers

For a truly unique gift, look no further than a custom paint by numbers. This option allows you to upload your own photo and transform it into a one-of-a-kind painting. An ideal present for the mom who already has everything, for a paint by numbers veteran looking for something new or just because she loves the sentiment of a personalized gift. Whether a vacation pic, cherished pet or portrait of you and your siblings, this custom kit will bring mom’s favorite memories back to life.

Panda Mom

Paint by numbers kits don’t come much cuter than this! One of the most adorable species on the planet, this mom and baby panda painting is guaranteed to tug at mom’s heartstrings. These cuddly creatures are surrounded by a bamboo forest, verdant greenery and beautiful blush pink flowers, making for a truly spectacular visual your mom will be proud to display.


This whimsical wonder combines trees, flowers and water to form a delightful fairyland. A painting like this is sure to set your imagination on fire – from unicorns and dragons to fairies and mermaids, there’s no end to what one might find in this extraordinary landscape. If your mom’s a fan of all things fantastical, this kit is sure to be a hit.

Easy and cute paintings for mom

We all have to start somewhere, so why not give your mother a helping hand? If your mom has a creative flair or has always wanted to get into painting, choosing some cute and easy Mother’s Day paintings is an awesome way to get her excited. This means she can produce an impressive work of art without worrying about advanced techniques or intricate details – perfect for beginners and anyone short on time.

There are so many paint by numbers kits with simple designs your mom will love, but here are just some of our favorite cute Mother’s Day paintings.

Colorful Butterfly

If you’re looking for easy and cute paintings for mom, this kit is a perfect choice. The minimalist design of the colorful butterfly isn’t too complex for anyone new to paint by numbers, but the colors and simplicity make it a striking artwork. For those who appreciate something straightforward, this makes for a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

Mountain Landscape

Nothing is quite as awe-inspiring as the mountains. Their seemingly endless peaks and grandeur remind us how magnificent nature can be. Invoke these feelings of wonder for your mom with our mountain landscape paint by numbers kit – after all, the only thing more beautiful than this is her, right?

Abstract dog

No dog lover can resist this one. If your mom has a pooch of her own or just loves animals in general, this vibrant kit will be a no-brainer. The block, pop art style colors are also great for any beginners, so if your mom is new to paint by numbers, this is one of our easy Mother’s Day paintings.

Beach Palm Tree Scenery

There’s no scene as soothing and tranquil as a beach. Watching those ocean waves lapping the sand and breathing in the crisp air is a feeling unrivaled by any other. Whether this is your mom’s dream vacation spot or a great way to bring calmness to her home, it’s sure to bring a smile to her face.

Still haven’t found the perfect gift? We know your mom deserves nothing but the best, so don’t worry if these paintings haven’t hit the spot. Just Paint by Number has a huge collection of landscapes, flowers, animals and more – simply look through our website to find cute paintings for mom.

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