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Fun Activities For Adults That Don’t Involve Electronics


Whoever said that playtime is just for kids? When the clock strikes 5 pm on Friday, we adults deserve to frolic with some well-needed fun and freedom too. Thankfully our very own list of fun activities for adults, both indoor and outdoor, is exactly what you need to gain some inspiration on how to spark some excitement back into adulthood.

With public restrictions easing, it’s now officially time to switch off your electronics and instead turn to your inner adventurer for some all-important leisure time. Whether you’re feeling willing and ready to find an outdoor activity or you’re still not feeling comfortable venturing outside the home, there’s always a better alternative to relying on electronics. 

So listen up. If the boredom of isolation has reached its unbearable peak and you’re looking for things to do instead of being on your phone – here’s eight of the most fun-packed activities you can try out. Who needs technology these days anyway?

Indoor Activities For Adults  

1. Relax At a Homemade Spa

If you’re feeling stressed, find the time to set up a homemade spa sanctuary. We’re not just talking about running a bubble bath and calling it a day…we’re talking hand creams, face masks, bath bombs, skin exfoliators, and more. Whatever your spa afternoon includes, press play on some calming music and find your zen. 

2. Create The Ultimate Game Night

Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned night of playing board games? For a night in to remember, host the ULTIMATE game night for your friends, family, or your household. Choose from a selection of beloved adult board games – from trivia quizzes to party favorites to vintage classics – and plan a whole evening of competitive entertainment around a table topped with flowing drinks and tasty snacks. Just make sure no tension is in the air when the monopoly board comes out. We all know badly that can end!

3. Try Your Hand At Painting

Adults tend to make excuses by repeatedly claiming it’s too late to learn a new skill or take up a hobby. But the truth is, it’s never too late to teach an old dog how to handle a paintbrush. Learning to paint can be a difficult feat to master, but there’s lots of creative fun to have on your journey. We sell a variety of paint by numbers kits that could be just what you need to get your juices flowing – from animal kits to custom photos. No more excuses! Just Paint By Numbers has got you covered. 

4. Get Merry With Mixology 

There’s always time for a cocktail when searching for things to do without electronics, right? For an adults-only evening of fun, try your hand at mixology. It takes a lot of skill to perfect a cocktail, so never underestimate the art and science that goes into creating a new tasty recipe that knocks you off your feet. Practicing makes perfect, so buy a mixology home kit to impress your next dinner guests. 

Outdoor Activities For Adults

5. Plan a Big Hiking Adventure

Warning! This option involves a lot of physical exertion – but boy will the benefits pay off. If your idea of fun activities for adults is venturing into the great outdoors to breathe in the fresh crisp air and feel the accomplishment of a long, hard trek, this is the perfect option for you. Challenge yourself and find the fun in a sense of achievement by searching for a hiking trail near you. 

6. Take On The Thrills of a Theme park

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of climbing a clunking roller coaster lift hill. Become a big kid for the day by visiting a local theme park or amusement park to test your limits and find the adrenaline-junkie lurking inside of you. It’s time we adults become the big and brave ones to conquer our fears. Hold on tight and brace yourself for an action-packed day of screams.  

7. Enjoy An Adult’s Backyard Party 

If you’ve hit a dead-end on your search for things to do without technology, look no further than your backyard window. Set a date for the ultimate backyard party and make the most of your private outdoor space. Cook up a delicious surf and turf BBQ, serve your favorite summer beverage and play a variety of lawn games to make the most of a sunny day. There’s only one strict rule that everyone has to obey – no phones allowed! 

8. Swing a Golf Club

Sportsmen and sportswomen out there who like to indulge in a spot of healthy competition should visit a golf activities center. Whether you enjoy a playful round of mini-golf or take things a little more seriously at the driving range, a golf facilities center can allow you to let off some steam. Watch all your troubles fly away at the swing of a golf club.  

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