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Preserve Your Memories: The Ultimate Guide to Turning Cherished Photos into a Custom Paint by Number Kit

Painting by number is a popular activity for all sorts of people: from budding artists to those looking for a creative way to wind down and escape the stress of their busy lives. As a concept that’s widely known, we thought we’d bring something a little different into the mix by introducing custom paint by number kits to the masses. 

Level up your paint my number game by personalizing your very own painting using a snapshot of a moment you want to remember forever. 

What Is a Custom Paint by Number Kit?

If you love paint by numbers, imagine how much more enjoyable the process would be if the painting was your very own photo! Instead of printing out endless pictures that either end up in a forgotten photo album or a frame sat in an obscure part of your home – that people rarely see – give that special image the chance to shine by turning it into a beautiful canvas painting which can hang proudly on the wall for everyone to admire. We all know that a photo can hold so many memories, and a custom paint by number kit will allow you to look back on those moments while also providing a new decorative piece for your home – created by you!

All you need to do to make this fantasy a reality is order one of our custom paint by number kits. The first step? Look through our list of collections to find our custom option. When you’ve reached that page, all you need to do is upload the photo you want to turn into a painting. You’ll also get to choose the size of the canvas, depending on what would best suit the space you want to present your painting. After purchasing, you’ll receive a digital version of your painting to show you what it’ll look like. Once you’re happy, we’ll print the outline onto a canvas and get it shipped out to you in record time. It couldn’t be easier.

Making the Most of Your Practice Paint by Number Experience

Choosing the perfect photo to turn into a custom paint by number kit can take some time, and there are a few things to consider to guarantee you make the right decision. Firstly, you need to select the occasion you want to capture in the painting; whether that’s a wedding, birthday, or just an awesome night shared with friends. Pick the very best picture from the few (or the many) that were taken at that event. 

You also want to think about the lighting, quality and background of the picture. If the picture is blurry and dark, it won’t become an eye-catching painting. Equally, if the picture features a lot of blank space due to a dull, block-colored background, you’ll not only struggle to make your painting stand out, but the process of creating the piece won’t be as fun or stimulating as it can be. 

Then, if the subject of the image is a similar color to the background, it may be difficult to recreate the depth of the picture as there’s a risk that the different features of the composition will blend into each other. It’s best to choose a colorful, high-resolution image with a clear focal point and an interesting background that provides context and dimension. Whether it’ll match the color scheme of the room you plan to hang it in is also something to contemplate! But that’s the beauty of when you paint by number from a custom photo – you’re entirely in control and can choose exactly what you want, without having to compromise.

Tips and Techniques for a Stunning Result

The basics: You should start by taking an inventory of your equipment and getting familiar with the materials you’ll be using to create your masterpiece. The thing to prioritize is getting to grips with the numbering system. Simply match the number on the canvas to the paint color that’s been assigned the same number. Nailing down the basics should also include learning how much water you need in order to get the best paint consistency, and knowing which size paintbrush to use to achieve maximum accuracy. For example, the smallest paintbrush should be reserved for the most detailed sections of the picture.

Choose the right image: As you already know, the end result of your personalized paint by number canvas comes down to the quality of the image. Color, resolution and composition will all play a part in the success of your painting. Give yourself the best chance of creating a masterpiece by picking a snap that truly is picture-perfect. 

Also, depending on how difficult you want your custom paint by number kit to be – whether it’s a question of your skill level or how much time you have to complete it, you’ll have to take into account how detailed the image is. One with small details and fine lines will be more challenging to paint, whereas a simpler, less intricate picture will be easier to recreate.  

Take your time: When working on your paint by number canvas it’s a good idea to make slow and steady progress – especially at the beginning. This way, you’ll prevent mistakes such as using the wrong colors and painting outside of the lines. It may even be worth practicing first on something other than your canvas. 

Blending colors: If you really want your painting to look like a photo, you’ll need to master the technique of blending – which is less technical than it sounds! To get the best results you’ll need to work on small sections at a time, as the paint needs to remain wet. Simply go ahead and paint a segment, then when painting the segment next to it, blur the edges by lightly blending together the paints over the line – where both segments meet. If you step away from your painting for a while you can add some extra water to the part you were last working on, which should allow you to continue blending the colors. 

Personalized Paint by Number Canvas of Your Kids

As a parent, watching your children grow up is the most special experience you can have. Pictures play a crucial part in remembering all of those significant milestones and the moments that shaped their personalities. Childhood memories are some of the purest and most joyful to look back on, and you can make those last forever with a paint by number custom canvas of your kids. 

You could choose an image that tells a story – maybe taking you back to a day that means a lot to you and your family. Or it could be an inspiring image depicting your child’s first big achievement, serving as a reminder for them to always believe in themselves and that anything is possible. Another option would be to simply choose a picture that shows your children at their happiest – whether they’re laughing or smiling, seeing these expressions on their faces can instantly brighten your day. This is why a custom paint by number canvas of your kids is a great way to preserve these memories, where they can be on display and spark regular trips down memory lane. 

Capturing the Essence of Your Pets in a Painting

Moments with your pets are always a delight to look back on. With our custom design option, you can paint your pet by number and turn a picture of them into a beautiful piece of art. Cute, funny, joy-filled or all of the above, you can’t go wrong with showing off your pet in a painting. 

Try to pick out a candid action shot instead of a picture where your animal companion has been made to look at the camera. This way, the image is more representative of who they really are and what makes them unique. When you paint your pet by number, you’re capturing their best qualities and the happiness that they bring to you and your family. This will be especially meaningful after they’re gone, and the painting can then become something to honor and remember them by. 

If your personalized paint by number design features a pet, this gives you the chance to challenge yourself as you put your painting skills to the ultimate test. Animals with fur can be particularly difficult to bring to life in a painting. Recreating the furry texture of your pet will require a steady hand, concentration and patience as you work your way through the details, which may involve painting individual hairs and whiskers to make the image more life-like.  

Paint a Custom Canvas of Your Significant Other

Instead of shouting your love from the rooftops, why not opt for the next best thing and create a paint by number canvas from a custom photo of you and your partner? This could make for the perfect anniversary gift or even something to hang up in your very first home together. Be sure to select a meaningful photo that represents you as a couple or reminds you of a special time you spent together, like your first holiday or a snap from your wedding. 

When creating your masterpiece, pay careful attention to the facial expressions. Depicting these accurately is the key to bringing out the emotion behind the painting and really capturing how you felt in that moment. 

Preserving and Sharing Your Custom Paint by Number Piece

As life changes and evolves we want to make sure that wherever you go, your paint by number custom canvas comes with you. Whether you’re moving house, traveling or simply redecorating, you can trust that our durable canvases are designed to stand the test of time. But there are also some precautions you can take to ensure your painting remains pristine and looking like new for as long as possible. For example, when transporting and storing your painting, we advise wrapping the canvas in bubble wrap to prevent scratches, a build-up of dust and overexposure to light which could lead to discoloration. Also, if your canvas is ever placed in a box with other items, be careful not to place heavy or sharp objects on top of the canvas that could potentially puncture it.

To further protect your artwork, you can digitally archive your work by taking a photo of your piece and downloading it onto your computer or a USB stick. This also means that you can share your art digitally through social media, so it can be seen by more people…not just those that visit your home. Plus, having a digital copy allows you to use the image to make anything from cards to postcards, or even print out a replica for a friend or family member who would like to have it in their home too.  

Our paint by number custom kits are for when an ordinary photo doesn’t do a moment justice. It turns a photo into more than just a pixelated image, when a memory is too precious to let it get lost in a pile of prints. Order your custom kit today and add a personal touch that your home may be missing. 

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