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What Are the Best Paint by Number Kits for Beginners

Are you thinking of taking up painting as a new hobby? Great! A little bit of creativity does everyone good now and then, and painting is such a relaxing and calming experience. It can help you switch off from everyday stresses and reconnect with yourself again. 

Not only does painting help you process thoughts and relieve stress, but it also gives you something to feel proud of. Especially when you see your painting hung on the wall – it’s an immense feeling. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as learning how to paint! 

But without the right tools and painting essentials at hand, learning the basics of painting can prove tricky. So, we’re going to help you find the best paint by number kits for beginners. These kits have everything you need to get started. And with everything you need in your painting kit, you won’t be buying tools and breaking the bank. 

The best paint kits for beginners will include: 

  • A variety of different colors and paints
  • The perfect number of brushes 
  • A blank canvas
  • Painting stencils (or pre-printed paper)
  • Step-by-step instructions 
  • A picture of what your final piece should look like

Your best bet would be paint by number kits for beginners. As these have everything a beginner needs, there’s no chance of feeling overwhelmed or confused about which tools you should be using. 

Finding the Best Painting Kit for Beginners

For your first painting, try to find a kit that has the right amount of tools and supplies. You don’t need to go all-in yet – you’re just getting started! Something like a paint by numbers kit for beginners would be your best option, as these tend to have no more than you need for each painting. Plus, they come with simple step-by-step instructions. 

Since you’re only a beginner, try to find a paint by numbers with large sections before attempting any of the smaller, more intricate pieces. You’ll find that focusing on only a few larger sections at a time will help set you on the right track. And once you’ve mastered one paint by numbers, you’ll be keen to hop onto the next!

Best Paint by Number Kits for Beginners

Always go for simple, even if you think that’s a little boring. Set your ambitions relatively low to start with and build your confidence as an artist! Luckily, there are plenty of paint kits for beginners that come with pre-printed paper, with numbered sections. Each section matches one of the colors of paint in your pack. 

Like we said, always try to find paintings with larger sections. For example, kits with only a few colors tend to have bigger sections to paint, so they’re normally easier to paint. As soon as you’ve picked up more confidence painting the less detailed pieces, you can move on to paintings with lots of colors and tiny sections.

Here are a few of our favorite paint by number kits for beginners: 

Giraffe Bubble 

Subtle shades of brown, cream, and pink make this kit one of the easiest for beginners to take on. Each section is quite large, giving you plenty of room to paint without the risk of smudging. Plus, you have a choice of three different print sizes – the larger you go, the easier the painting will be. 

Flower & Rain 

Featuring darker shades of paint, the Flower & Rain kit is perfect for beginners. Or even for those who have limited or no experience with blending and shading. And as with the Giraffe Bubble kit, the sections are bigger so there’s less chance of painting the wrong numbers! 


If you’re struggling to find decent learn to paint kits for adults, the Just Paint by Number Unicorn kit is the perfect go-to! With a simplistic design made for kids, this painting features larger-than-large sections. It even comes with super simple step-by-step instructions. And if none of the adult kits take your fancy, there’s no shame in opting for something simple like this. 

Giraffe Mom & Baby 

Containing a pre-printed canvas, numbered acrylic-based paint set, and three different-sized brushes, the Giraffe Mom & Baby kits are perfect for beginners who want to be a little more adventurous with colors. This kit features vibrant shades of blue, pink, purple, red, yellow, and orange.

Pug Puppy Dog

If you still can’t find any good learn to paint kits for adults, this is the one for you! Again, subtle shades of brown, cream and pink make this Pug Puppy Dog kit one of the most uncomplicated for beginners to take on. Large sections give you plenty of space to paint without the risk of smudging. This kit comes with a high-quality pre-printed canvas and a numbered acrylic-based paint set. It also has three different-sized brushes, and an optional DIY frame. 

Dog Cute Husky

This is a slightly more adventurous painting kit for beginners. The Husky kit offers plenty of opportunities to practice blending and shading. The kit features your darker colors and whites, but you need a keen eye for detail for this one! Again, the set itself includes everything you need to complete the painting, including a pre-printed canvas. It also includes a numbered acrylic-based paint set, and three different-sized paintbrushes.

Colorful Butterfly 

The Colorful Butterfly is one slightly more adventurous painting kit for beginners. It gives you plenty of opportunities to practice blending and shading of more complex colors. Yet, with bigger numbered sections, this set makes the perfect start-up for any beginner painter! 

Paris Balloons

Unleash your inner child with the Just Paint by Numbers Paris Balloons kit, featuring a variety of pinks and purples, blues, and sunset colors! Marked in the children’s section, this kit is one of the easiest for beginner painters to tackle. Whether you’re a student, an adult, or shopping for your kids, this is one of the best acrylic paint kits for beginners! 

Beginner Painting Tips and Tricks

Before you get started, getting to know any useful tips and tricks can help you produce something truly beautiful. But remember, you’re learning and your journey as an aspiring artist has only just begun. So, take your time and take on these tips: 

  • Start with acrylic paints – they’re easier to blend for beginners, but be careful not to smother your canvas. Add just enough paint to your brush and remember gentle strokes. You can normally find good acrylic paint kits for beginners online.
  • Invest in good quality paint – better quality paint will help you produce a better quality painting. Cheap paint contains limited pigment and lots more filler ingredients. This weakens the quality of the paint.
  • Attend an online painting class – some of them are free to join, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from others! Some will have plenty of experience in painting while others will know just as much as you. 
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