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Came exactly when they said it would and was exactly what I wanted

Beautiful flower lady

I’m so happy to have purchased this paint by numbers. It is so relaxing and easy. I will purchase a custom picture as soon as this one is completed.

This was fun!

I love doing paint by numbers kits, they allow me to create and relax at the same time. This kit in particular only took me a few days to complete and was easy to do. Unfortunately, there was one problem and that was with the frame. As I slid the pieces together, two of the corners had large pieces break off even before they were fully joined. I fixed them with glue but I was disappointed at how thin the wood was compared to others I've done and how easily they broke. That being said, the only other thing I have a question with is, why if there are large areas to be painted do you only get the same size paint? I had to scrimp on other areas to make sure there was enough. Maybe for larger areas that one color could either have an extra sent with it or maybe a larger paint pot for that one color. Basically, that's all I have for "issues" but it didn't stop me from finishing. You have very talented artists!


good size and it’s fun to

Love it!!

I'm very satisfied with the paint by number set! I love the quality of the canvas and the paints and it's all very easy to follow. I will certainly recommend this to all who enjoy painting as a hobby!
I chose to have a custom paint by number done from a photograph and it matches the photo perfectly. Very satisfied, indeed!!

Awesome quality!

I ordered the Ferryman picture and was so happy with the quality! The colors were very pretty.

Glad you loved it! Feel free to share a photo of finished product.

Love it!!

I have just received my 5th custom paint by numbers and I am so happy with them! The service is fantastic and the paint by numbers are very true to the picture sent!

Barb, thanks for being one of our customers and glad you enjoyed your custom kit. Feel free to share a photo of the finished product!

Fantastic service and quality from this company. Paints are great service is great nothing negative.

Barb, thanks for being one of our customers and glad you enjoyed your custom kit. Feel free to share a photo of the finished product!

Great Quality! Worth the Wait!

Took a little long to ship (3.5 weeks), but the actual imaging process was very easy and I was blown away with what I received! Everything is great quality, the paint is all there, and it feels so personalized! I'm so excited to get started painting this, and I would definitely use this company again to order another!

Thanks Kaylee. Sorry it took a little longer than normal on your kit, but glad you like it!

A Surprising Delightful Piece of Art

The Abstract Woman kit was delightful to paint. I particularly enjoyed the pop of metallic colour that came through, and the variations of dark to light in the wider areas of the canvas. Great for those who enjoy a combination of intricate and broad paint by numbers options.

Glad you enjoyed it, Sarah. Feel free to share a photo of the final product!

Creating Memories

Thank you so much for my order. I got it as a surprise gift for my daughter and her boyfriend. She is slowly working on it but so far it is coming out so beautiful all thanks to your magnificent work!!

We LOVE to hear stories like this. Thank you for sharing and writing a review!

I love it!

Perfect for my wedding

Congratulations on your wedding. We're glad you love it!


This does NOT have a butterfly on the canvas. It is just the cat
Some of the colors are really vibrant. 2/3 of the brushes are good. My large brush is weird and frayed.

Thanks for letting us know about the butterfly. We will look into that. Can you send us a photo of the brush you are referring to to [email protected]? Thanks.

A Masterpiece!

Just Paint by Numbers has proven to be a great stress reliever AND a wonderful, fulfilling past time. I actually look forward to getting home and going to work on my next "masterpiece." The result is amazing - a detailed, nuanced, colorful painting which looks as though I've been painting all my life.

LOL. We all need a little help sometimes! Glad you enjoyed it.


You guys did a great job. Thank you. My co-worker loved it.

We're so glad your co-worker loved it! Thanks for sharing.

Not sure how to edit review

Appologies for the past review, in reference to the timing. I’m used to quicker shipping- it took 22 days, where I’m used to Amazon’s two day shipping lol

Awesome, long wait

I just finished my entire paint by number in order to give a review- just to make sure nothing went wrong. I got several paint colors for the most used colors in my painting. I cannot stress enough how amazing the photo looks painted. I was super worried it wouldn’t turn out nice- I’m not a huge artist or anything, I just follow the lines. It turned out amazing and it was worth the wait. As for the wait, it took about 2 months to get to me in the USA. This was from purchase- that includes the time it took for me to approve the sample they send

Alexis, thanks for your review. We're so glad you're happy with how it turned out. Feel free to post a photo of the finished product. We also checked in to the delivery time of your kit. You ordered on January 28th and the kit was delivered on February 19th which is right in the range we say it will typically take (12-20 days). Thanks again for your order!

Tons of fun

Really enjoying my latest project.

So glad you loved it!


My kit did come missing two of the essential paint colors, which kind of sucked waiting so long. I just made it work, not to big of a deal. It still ended up looking super cute! IT was also fun to do and stress relieving !

Thanks, Allison. Anytime you have something that's missing, please always send a photo of what you received to [email protected] and we will rectify that situation. That being said, we have implemented some additional quality control measures to keep this from happening. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

Highly recommend and amazing gift for someone or paint yourself!!

I have now gotten 6 pieces from here 5 of which were custom paintings and let me tell you the quality is amazing the paint is amazing right now I’m painting one of my friends dogs that passed for her she’s going to love it!!! Shipping this time around was a lil rough but my other 5 times there was fast shipping this will definitely not deter me from future purchases because they are amazing and I’m patient and you won’t regret buying them!!!! Customer service is great too super quick responses!!! This is by far beyond what paint by number used to be when I was younger!!! So relaxing too!!!! Go get you one you will not be disappointed!!!!!

Thanks for the review, Cassandra. Orders from late January/early February were unfortunately affected by the Chinese New Year holiday. Although we paid more (without increasing our prices) to not have production impacted, the logistics companies stopped package pick up for an extended period. Our normal delivery times should resume now.

PERFECT and unique gift for valentines/anniversary

I got this as a valentines/anniversary gift for my partner. This has been super fun to do together (especially when it is cold and we dont want to go outside). The process makes it super easy to make a masterpiece together - even at our beginner skill level! Delivery was very quick and the package came without any damage. We are both very happy with it! Definitely will purchase again!

Thank you so much for your review. We are so glad you enjoyed it!

Wonderful, easy to use

One of the paints was missing. Customer support sent a replacement in a timely manner after we let them know about it at no charge.

Thanks for your review. We are so glad you liked it.

Great kit, missing some pieces

I got this for Valentines Day for my boyfriend and he loved how it turned out. However, I was missing two of the paints so some of the areas didn’t come out the way I wanted them too. I was disappointed but overall, I’d buy another one.

Thanks for your review, Molly. We'll look into the omission from your kit. In the future, just e-mail [email protected], and we'll look into for you.

Product okay, packaging not so much

The product was okay but I wish the numbers were placed in more places for larger and more elaborate shapes. Also, the packaging was sloppy with paints looking a disheveled and everything wrapped in bubble wrap.

Thanks for your review. We have since switched suppliers who ship the kits in a nice box. That should solve the issue that you're referring to.

Beautiful and relaxing

This turned out so amazing! So glad I got the frame to go with it. Looks amazing on my wall.

So glad you loved it! Enjoy and feel free to share a photo if you like.

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