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It arrived crumpled

It arrived crumpled and the company made no commercial gesture in return. They asked me to iron the canvas, I had to buy an iron and there are still creases. I still started painting but it really bothers me, plus I'm afraid of lacking certain predominant colors to be able to finish the painting.

We are truly sorry for your experience. While our US orders ship from our facility in the US, our international orders ship from China. We are working with our supplier to improve the customer experience.

Picture turned out amazing
Thank you

Misplaced the the key

My kid got this as a gift but did not receive a key explaining which paints go with which numbers :/

Can you provide an order number or some other information so we can identify the order and e-mail it to [email protected]? Thanks.

Custom Paint by Numbers From Photo Kit

Glad you loved it.

Happy Customer!

Very cool unique gift! My daughter in law loved it!

Thank you for leaving a review! We're thrilled to hear that your daughter-in-law loved our Custom Paint by Numbers From Photo Kit. We hope it was a memorable and enjoyable experience for her. Thank you for choosing our product for a unique gift! Let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance. Happy painting!

Paint colors don’t match what’s shown

I’m not happy with some of the paint colors. The stone wall is dark brown instead of tan and the tub of paint for some of the numbers isn’t enough to finish.

We are sorry that has been experience. Can you send a photo of your painting to [email protected] and we will take a look? Thanks.


this is the most complicated painting I have done in several years. I had a love hate relationship with it. Now I am in love. I am more than half way done and I love the way it looks.

We are glad you love it. Those with more detail can be more difficult. We will have our team look at the canvas to see if it can be simplified. Thanks for your review.

Remember me

Our first thanksgiving after losing my sister-in-law to cancer. We remembered her and painted together.

Paula, thank you so much for sharing. We at Just Paint by Number are truly sorry for your loss. We recently launched a MemoryLink add on which would allow you to add a special video of your sister-in-law that would be linked to your finished painting that you could view by scanning the painting with our brand-new mobile app. Let us know if this is something you'd be interested in. You can read more here: Our condolences again, but we are glad the kit helped bring your family together. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

A new favorite!

Love the finished project. Pretty true to the original, and great customer service when another color was needed.

Thanks for sharing. This looks great!

My beautiful Sassy

It turned out great!

Glad you liked it!

Great anniversary gift

Came quickly, however canvas was quite wrinkled. I reached out to support, who promptly gave me some tips on how to remedy the situation. The brushes send with we’re trash, but I picked up some new brushes at a local store cheaply, which worked much better. Three of the 23 paints were a little dried out. As I was painting, I was skeptical, but trust the process. Overall, it came out great and I’d happily purchase another.

Glad you enjoyed it. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce any incidents of wrinkled canvases and dried paint. Happy Thanksgiving!

Terrible product

Sticks were sent for me to put together as a frame?? Then I had to figure out how to attach canvas. What a joke. Also, numbers and outline so black the light color paints can't cover them. Request to return the 2 of 3 unopened items and keep getting the run around.

Sally, thanks for your review and we are truly sorry you had a bad experience. We do say that it is a DIY frame, but we are working to try to make that more clear. Also, in looking at your communication history, our customer service team simple asked why you wanted to request a refund. We always like to understand so we can improve the situation or try to find a solution.

Never saw the preview.

Had I been sent a preview I would have not ordered one of them, the other was fine.

Paul, thanks for your review. In looking at your history, we did send your proof for both images on September 28th at 8:01 am and 8:02 am respectively. We send a follow up 36 hours later. Because of the sheer volume of orders that we receive, we send the kits to production if we don't receive a response within 72 hours.


I was very happy with my artwork! My paints came perfect, no drying out. The only thing is that some of the spots are so small that it is extremely hard to see the numbers, especially after painting around it. Good quality and DIY done very well. Would get again!

Erin, thanks for your review. Glad you enjoyed it!

Not Happy

Not happy at all. When I requested specific refills of 2 colors and the original number was dried out, it was ignored and got an e-mail back saying they give me a CLEAR link with instructions. I also give clear instructions. It cost me $12 and got all the colors which I didn’t ask for . Your link is anything but clear. Also needed map.
Too difficult to work with.
Evelyn Moore

Evelyne, thank you for your review. We are truly sorry about your experience. In reviewing your history, your order was from September 10. Since the order is within 60 days, we should have just replaced the paints (usually we just request a photo of the paints for our records). We have asked our customer service team to refund you for the $12 for the extra paints. We also could have pulled up your color card from our database so we will discuss with our customer service team. We apologize again for the inconvenience.

Such a great gift!!!

I got my mom two of the 12x16 ones. One landscape and one portrait of our family dogs that have passed away. She loved doing these. She thought the colors and paint turned out to be pretty good and higher quality than what she's tried before with paint by numbers.

Shipping was fast! I will definitely purchase again.

Hannah, glad your mom enjoyed them!

Very Disappointing

I really liked this painting. When I started it was going to be a fun project as I like to paint. As I was working through the colors I discovered four paint cups that were completely dry and unusable. They replaced the cups after I had to send pictures of them. The biggest problem with this project was the Paint. I put on four heavy coats of paint on the lighter colors, pink, yellow, orange and you can still see the numbers clearly. I have painted many paint by number projects {more than 15} and have never had to put more than two coats of paint to hide the numbers. As I said very disappointing. I have done other pictures from this company and never had this much of a problem with coverage.

Patrick, we are sorry that you were disappointed. We are always happy to replace dried paint as long as it's within 60 days of order. We always ask customers to send as a photo of what you received so we can document any situation. We are working hard to reduce any issues with dried paint. We have built a system that uses artificial intelligence so we can order quantities of paint and not have the paint sit on our shelves for any more than 60 days (which seems to be about what the shelf life is for the paint).

Fun and Therapeutic

I've bought so many of these at the start of the Pandemic. They are so soothing and fun. The custom portraits make GREAT gifts and the rendering the make is so high quality!
Will be ordering again 🙂

Thanks again as always, Katrina. We appreciate your business.

One paint was missing and two were dry

Tried to communite and I was made to feel like was lying and trying to get free paint. I just went to the store and bought some similar colours.

Thanks for your review, David. In looking at the communication history, it does look like you just contacted us once. In reviewing the customer service team's response, they just requested that you send a photo of what you received so we can have documentation of every issue we are getting. We are always more than happy to replace paint at no cost to you as long as it's within 60 days of purchase.

Gift for son's fiancee.

Lots of color and fun to do. Looks just like her dog. she loved it.

Glad you had fun doing it!

This was an enjoyable "Paint-by-Numbers" project. With every brush stroke, the painting looked more real and lifelike. Most people think that it is an original painting and not a "Paint-by-Numbers" copy. I cannot wait to begin another paint project with this company!

Glad you enjoyed it, Robert!

Well done!

The photo I submitted was recreated in a detailed canvas per my specifications and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Glad you were pleased!

Love results

Really enjoyed painting it. Looks great in its frame.

Glad you love them, Linda!

Mixed feelings

I've done several of these now from this company and I have two complaints: some of the paint pods are completely dried up and sometimes I can't see the numbers and wish they would send a map of the painting. Otherwise, love it. I've framed several and the quality overall is good

Sydney - thanks for your review. We have definitely had some issues with dried paint because of the heat. We are trying to manage our inventory as to not keep colors on our shelves for too long. However, if you are within 60 days of order, we will replace those pods. We do also offer complete replacement sets of paint if you are past 60 days. As far as the size of the numbers, we have definitely improved our process recently to minimize these instances as much as possible.

Great idea!

Really nice idea for an anniversary gift if your significant other enjoys painting!

Thanks, Sean! These are really special gifts!

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