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Way too complicated

I really had high hopes paint a picture of my best friends dog that recently cross the rainbow bridge. And I got the canvas the spaces for the colors were so tiny they could not even fit a number inside the boxes. And the brushes they sent were way too big to paint such tiny spaces.

I am overjoyed!

My paint by number looks incredible! I loved how I was sent an email in advance asking to approve the design for my paint by number. It was helpful to see what I was paying for as a rough computerized product. I ordered a 20x24 inch canvas which works amazingly for reading numbers and lines clearly. Im not sure how it would be by going smaller. Im about a third of the way done with my painting and am ecstatic to see the final results 🙂

Love it!

I wanted a heart felt birthday present for my fiance, and he is extremely hard to buy for as he normally gets everything he wants. I am so pleased with the result of the quality of the paint by number. It was super easy to do and the numbers were easily number coded. Will be ordering again for other future gifts!

Colors are All Wrong

This is such a unique experience and I had really high hopes for it. I requested a paint by number with one of my wedding photos and the proof looked just fine. The shipping took forever, but I was eagerly awaiting it as a date night activity for my husband and me.
The first issue was that my order didn't include the frame. Apparently, I bought the wrong option Why would you even sell the canvas without the frame? How do you paint the canvas without the frame?
So I had to spend even more money and wait even longer for a frame to arrive from Amazon before we could being. Fine, whatever.
Once we started painting I quickly realized that the paint colors were all WRONG. The colors they gave me for my wedding dress, which was white, were all shades of GREY. They changed my husband's suit from grey to black. And they changed the color of our skin tones so much that we look like an entirely different couple! The finished portrait is unrecognizable and offensive! I don't understand how this happened, because the proof was just fine! I'm deeply disappointed in the entire experience. Almost $100 was wasted between all of it. Would not recommend. Would not purchase again.


I did one of my scenic pictures I took from a family vacation. I love it so much it looks like a professional painting and knowing I took the picture and then painted it makes it just an even more wonderful piece of art to hang on my wall and also share as a gift to my family from our travels

Very Pleased Everytime

I have painted four custom painting from photos and everytime have been pleasantly surprised at the final results everytime. I have recommended "Just Paint by Number" to multiple people. So far your company has been the BEST! Thank you for the quality of the paintings.

Great experience!!

My husband and I got a photo of us to paint together and it was amazing! We laughed and talked the entire time we painted together! Such a great product and very easy to follow. Everything you need is sent right to you!

Customized Paint by Number

We received our customizable paint by number and were very happy with the results! We were provided everything we would need to complete our painting and the rendition created for us from the photos sent in were superb! I’ll definitely be utilizing this site again, and will happily recommend it to others. Thank you!

Family Portrait

Absolutely amazing! I just finished painting the portrait tonight and am stunned with the outcome! Completely realistic and so fun to do! No worries about using too much paint because there’s plenty to spare. Definitely doing this again!!!


I finished my portrait, which came out amazing, I will be shopping again. I enjoyed, painting my portrait.

Paint by Number

While the finished project looked amazing, it took 3 weeks to ship!

Girlfriend loved it

Sent this to my girlfriend across the world while she’s studying abroad, for her birthday and she absolutely loved it and spent the next week working on it in her free time.


I thought the paint kit was fully stocked with what we needed. The picture came out a little grainy, and I didn't follow all of the number suggestions, but not too bad. I wouldn't have normally been able to paint this well. Glad I could capture a nice moment with this paint set.

Love being able to capture special moments in a unique way. I would never be able to paint like this without the numbers 😂😊

In Love!!

I was a little worried about this product, but I was so impressed with the outcome!! The custom picture came out perfect and is the best I’ve ever gotten. Definitely buying from here again!

I love it!

This is really neat and a GREAT gift idea. I will say you need lots of patients and the paint dries quick but with a little water that is resolved. The lighter colors need a second coat and you may need a magnifying glass for the smaller numbers. But besides this I love it. I will def buy again

First Time

I use many different types of Paint by Number companies and found this one to be really good. The product was exactly as ordered, the paint and brushes were excellent color schemes, and the end result was very satisfying.

The best part is that they have better variety of sketches than most of the other companies that are somewhat bland - the Blue Veil Women is simply stunning.

I will be buying again.

Amazing creative outlet

Our paint by number canvas is amazing. The detail surpasses others that we have done. The paint color was perfectly matched to the photo provided. Highly recommend this for yourself or as a gift! If you want to see the finished product visit our IG labradoodlemystique

Great quality just what I was looking for

I enjoy paint by numbers. This company was fast to ship and was great quality. Would definitely order again


easy design to complete


cute picture

wine glass

Easy to do, beautiful design

Have fun kit that makes a great gift!

I love this kit! It’s so fun to be able to use your own photo. I’ve always loved painting by numbers so I was excited for this! The kit does not disappoint. It comes with everything you need. The quality of the canvas and the paint is great and it’s such a fun activity. It also makes a great gift. Highly recommend! Shipping was fast.

Greatest gift

We have now ordered and painted 5 of these. They captured great moments including engagements and beautiful scenery from great trips. They are challenging for sure but totally worth it!

Ordered a custom picture of my grandson and it turned out beautiful. It arrived in a timely manner, they checked with me before making up the colors and it arrived on time. I hope to make many more memories with this company

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