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10 Paint by Number Tips: How to Make a Paint by Numbers Look Better

So you’re already a keen paint by number artist? Fantastic! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a new skill and we’re sure you have some incredible paintings to show for it. But how do you make your paint by numbers look better? Well, we have some paint by number tips for you to follow. 

With enough practice, anyone’s paint by number creation can become a marvelous masterpiece. It’s a common misconception that paint by numbers is simply a novice entry way into the art of painting. But the truth is, there’s plenty of ways you can turn your paint by numbers project into a stunning, professional-looking piece of art. 

So if you’re wondering how to make paint by numbers more realistic, let’s take a look at our foolproof paint by number tips and tricks. Paintbrushes at the ready, artists! 

  1. Invest in the best paint by numbers set

The first step in how to make paint by numbers look better is to buy the best kind of paint by numbers set. A higher-quality set will give you better results. Our kits here at Just Paint By Number only contain the best quality paints and brushes. We have a huge selection of various themes including animals, landscapes, and abstract paintings. We also have custom kits created from your very own photo! You can quite literally paint a picture-perfect portrait of yourself or your loved ones. We also sell extra high-quality paints for a glossier and more professional-looking finish.

  1. Add plenty of extra coats 

Don’t skimp out on applying plenty of paint. Our kits supply you with more than enough paint to add extra coatings beyond just the base layer. If you think certain areas look streaky or pale, add extra layers to help the entire painting look bolder, smoother, and more polished. Two thick layers should be plenty, but don’t be afraid to add more to get the vividness you’re looking for.

  1.  Blend like a pro

The very nature of paint by numbers means certain colors will be blocked with sharp edges. However, if you want your painting to have softer, more natural-looking edges, don’t shy away from gently blending the colors together. You can do this seamlessly by softly swiping the brush back and forth against the edge of where the two colors meet.

Paint by numbers blending tips

Here’s some extra paint by numbers blending tips to make sure you soften them edges like a pro:

  • Blend when the paint is wet!
  • Work gently and slowly. Smaller brush strokes are your best bet.
  • Stick with smaller areas to start. The more you practice, the more daring you can be. 
  • Use blending for specific objects that make the most logical sense (ie. an ocean, the sky, a distant landscape, etc.)
  1. Use a solid frame for your canvas

Want to know how to make paint by numbers more realistic with one simple trick? Well, all you need to do is frame your canvas before you start. Wet acrylic paint often makes the sheet crinkle and warp, but a solid wooden frame will keep the canvas pulled tight. Our custom paint by numbers kit comes with its own wooden frame so you can easily avoid any unwanted warping. Get yours today to get started on your personalized showpiece!

  1. Thin your paints with water

A lot of paint by number newbies don’t realize acrylic paint is water-soluble. So thin your paints with water if you find them to be too thick. Not only will you get more paint to work with, but thinner, more watery paints can create some super cool effects.

For example, the transparency of watered-down acrylic paint is perfect for painting the lighter reflections of plants, leaves, and flowers. Just make sure you test out the consistency on a scrap sheet of paper before applying it to your canvas.

  1.  Double-check you’re using the correct color

Now, we know this might sound ridiculously obvious, but one of the most simple paint by number tips is to make sure you’re painting with the correct color. We know firsthand how relaxing painting can and should be, but that makes it all too easy to get carried away in a trance. So enjoy yourself, but remember to double-check the color before you apply the paint. Don’t lose track of the method! 

  1. Don’t shy away from adding personal touches

Paint by numbers might well be about sticking to the regimented rules, but rules are meant to be broken sometimes, right? Don’t shy away from diverging away from certain numbers and colors if you’re feeling confident enough with your guesswork. Remember: There’s no rights or wrongs with artistic expression! So feel free to add personal touches or extra embellishments beyond the basic elements of the kit design. Embrace your creativity and let your imagination run freely. 

  1. Choose the right difficulty level for you

We here at Just Paint By Numbers have a huge selection of designs you can choose from. From puppies to places to pop art, we’re sure there’s a kit you’ll love. However, also be aware that certain kits will be more difficult than others, so choose wisely. We suggest starting with an easier or smaller kit if you’re a beginner (browse our kids selection). Likewise, you can up the ante by opting for increasingly challenging paintings the more experience you gain. Try our best-selling cloudy landscape kit if you’re up for the challenge!

  1. Cover up the numbers

One of the best paint by number tips is to cover up the numbers before you apply the paint. Sometimes the designated number on the canvas can show through the paint if the consistency is thin or the color is a lighter shade. So use a simple white pencil to cover this up. The number should stop showing underneath if you apply a thicker extra layer too.

  1. Use sealant

Want to know how to make paint by numbers look better after you’ve finished? Well, all you have to do is use a sealant! Not only will it help protect the painting from the elements, but it will also give it a shinier and professional-looking varnish too. Your new masterpiece deserves only the very best finishing touch!

Feel inspired with Just Paint By Numbers!

Our tips for paint by numbers are for everyone! No matter whether you’re a beginner novice or an experienced expert, we believe there’s true value in completing a paint by numbers kit. That’s why we stock over 300 designs!. We’re sure there’s at least one kit you’ll fall in love with. So get browsing!

Best of all, we offer free worldwide shipping and 60 days of money-back guarantee. Your 100% satisfaction is our absolute priority.

Get in touch with our friendly team today if you have any questions about our kits. Alternatively, you can look at our FAQs page.

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