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6 of the Best Paint By Numbers For Seniors

You might be surprised to know just how many seniors enjoy painting by numbers. It’s a hugely popular pastime for the elderly – mostly because it’s such a wonderfully therapeutic activity that challenges the creative side of your brain and helps pass the time, in a productive way. That’s why we stock plenty of designs that work perfectly as paint by numbers for seniors.

Here at Just Paint By Number, we like to think painting is an inclusive artform. No one should feel reluctant to start painting simply because they think they’re too old to learn. We’re here to tell you the everyday saying is wrong – you certainly can teach an old dog new tricks!

Your golden senior years should be full of joy and creativity – that’s where our large paint by numbers for seniors kits can come in handy. Their easy-to-read instructions will guide you through step by step. 

Whether it’s a kit from our vintage collection or masterpiece collection, we’ve got plenty of paint by number kits for seniors to get started.

Let’s take a look at six of our best kits. Get painting, old-timers! 

The Health Benefits: Easy Paint By Numbers for Elderly

Let’s look at the variety of health and wellbeing benefits that come with paint by numbers. 

Anything that involves getting creative is good for you. That’s why we highly recommend large paint by numbers for seniors with dementia. We also recommend paint by numbers for the visually impaired. 

So, here’s four of the most important reasons why getting paint by numbers for seniors is a great idea.

It improves your fine motor skills

Physically exercising the hands, through the movement of painting, can help improve fine motor skills in the elderly. Just like knitting, it increases blood flow to the arms and hands, as well as improving muscle coordination and building all-around better dexterity. 

It enhances your cognitive function

Paint by numbers requires a lot of mental thinking. Identifying the numbers/colors and organizing the shapes and visual details of the painting will help activate lost neural connections that perhaps aren’t used as often anymore, due to ageing. Many scientific studies have found that creative activities, such as painting, can even help combat degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia. We can’t recommend paint by numbers for seniors with dementia enough.

It’s a mood booster

Paint by numbers for senior citizens is also a mood booster. The creative thinking of painting helps the brain release more dopamine –  bringing about happy, satisfied and confident feelings. Getting creative is important at any age, especially in the elderly when we have more time on our hands and boredom can kick in. 

It combats loneliness

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to suffering from loneliness and depression – that’s why paint by numbers for seniors is such a great idea – it can give them a true sense of belonging. Engaging in such a positive outlet of emotions will help combat any negative feelings that come from solitude. They’ll get an amazing sense of achievement once the painting is finished. 

Our Paint By Number Kits for Seniors

  1. Birds & Flowers Kit

Our Birds & Flowers Kit is beautifully simplistic. It’s the type of pretty picture anyone can appreciate. What more could you want from a lovely painting? 

The lines are also fairly simple and the colors are bright and bold – making it the perfect paint by numbers for seniors kit. 

  1. Sailing Ship Kit

Our Sailing Ship Kit is another traditional type of painting we think seniors will love. 

The detail of the ship and the gorgeous gray colors of the skies can impress anyone. It also features minimal colors, so the instructions and numbers are easier for elderly painters to understand and follow.

  1. Sunflowers by Van Gogh Kit

We believe the elderly will appreciate an iconic painting or two. That’s why Sunflowers by Van Gogh makes an amazing paint by numbers for senior citizens kit. 

The colors are surprisingly bold and blockish, so hopefully it’ll be an easier paint for those with limited motor skills. Once it’s complete, the painter will have completed their very own Van Gogh masterpiece. You can’t get better than that!

  1. Colorful Lion Kit

Our Colorful Lion Kit is a relatively easy paint by numbers for the elderly kit. Plus, the results are bold and striking. 

The kit itself is rich in vibrant colors, so it’s the perfect kit for brightening up someone’s day. It also works as a form of color therapy – a scientifically proven way of easing depression and releasing any unwanted inner tensions or anxiety.

  1. Sunset Landscape Kit

How about our Sunset Landscape Kit, which we think is one of our most beautiful and calming paintings. The gorgeous blend of pink and orange sunset colors will create a spectacular finish. 

Plus, there’s not too many colors to work – meaning it’s easier for elderly painters to follow along.

  1. Bicycle Landscape Kit

Last but not least, we have our Bicycle Landscape Kit. You couldn’t get a more classic-looking painting. It has everything you want from a pretty picture – the sea, the sky, and a bunch of flowers.

Once again, the colors are pretty straightforward too, so the elderly are likely to find it easier than some of our more intricate pieces. 

Our Best Tips: Large Paint By Numbers for Seniors

Need some tips for mastering an easy paint by numbers kit for the elderly? We’ve got some. It’s all about making it a straightforward and pleasurable process.

Choose the right kit

The first step is to choose the right paint by number for seniors. We sell a wide range of kits – some tricky and some relatively easy. The hardest paintings have intricate detailing and lots of different colors – while the easiest paintings are blockier and have straighter lines. The paintings we’ve chosen on this list are on the easier side, but they also have a lot of character. No one wants to paint a dull, lifeless painting, so it’s best to meet in the middle. 

We also think larger paintings are easier too – that way the finer details are maximized and the brushstrokes become easier to manage.  

Invest in Specially-Designed Brushes

Specially-designed paintbrushes make painting an easier activity for elderly people with painful or impairing joint conditions, such as arthritis. Usually these types of paintbrushes are thicker and more ergonomic than standard brushes, making them easier to grip hold of. 

Take Your Time

Paint by numbers is a marathon, not a sprint. So, we recommend that the paint by numbers for seniors process is completed over a good amount of time. Don’t rush through the painting – otherwise you run the risk of smudging your colors or making mistakes. Instead, seniors should go at their own pace. It goes without saying that all elderly painters should enjoy painting their kit. 

Pick up a paintbrush with us

We stock over 300 designs in our collections, so there’s plenty of paint by numbers for senior citizens to choose from. Whether it’s paint by numbers for seniors with dementia, or paint by number kits for the visually impaired – we’ve got the perfect one. Have a browse and take your pick.

How about ordering a custom kit based on your favorite photo? Simply upload the image, order the kit, and get painting when it arrives.

Best of all, we offer free worldwide shipping and 60 days of money-back guarantee. Get in touch with our friendly team today if you’ve any questions about our kits. Alternatively, take a look at our FAQs page.

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