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7 Easy Painting Ideas for Kids to Try

Exploring creativity through the art of painting is a wonderful experience for any child of any age. Painting has numerous benefits for a child’s development too, including improving their fine motor skills and sparking important imagination and creativity in their impressionable minds. So take a look at these easy painting ideas for kids that are perfect for enjoying their all-important creative time!

Curious toddlers around preschool age are especially responsive to the wonders of painting. The bright colors and interesting shapes help them become better thinkers and encourage different ways of interpreting the big wide world they’re constantly discovering. That’s without mentioning the messy creative fun they love from an afternoon of various painting activities and techniques. 

So let’s explore the best painting ideas for kids you can get your bright-minded little one involved with. Aprons at the ready – it’s time to get messy!


1. The art of paper symmetry!  

We all remember enjoying paper symmetry painting as a youngster, right? It’s a super simple yet super effective method of creating some wonderful shapes and colors, all at the fold of a piece of paper! 

The smushing of the paper makes beautiful art once unfolded, especially when creating the shape of a blossoming butterfly. So get folding and create as many unique patterns as you can. This activity proves that the very best painting ideas for kids do not require lots of tools and tricks.

2. The art of paint by numbers!

A paint by numbers set makes a great starting point for a kids painting project. Learning how to master the art of brush strokes and perfect lines is no easy task, so invest in various paint by numbers sets to get your kid off to a great start. 

Our painting sets for kids provide your child with everything they need to work on their first masterpiece. Choose from a wide selection of kits and teach them how to follow the numbered tiles and match the colors. It’s as simple as that! Your child may well be a new Van Gogh in the making. 

3. The art of blow paint!

Now it’s time to get real messy with the art of blow paint. All you need is a set of watercolor paints, some paper, a pipette, and a straw! The results will be different every time, and it’s super satisfying to see the colors run and mix together to make fascinating patterns and shapes. 

This idea is one of the most fun creative play activities on the list, so let your kid get messy as they like. It’s nothing that a bedtime bath can’t fix anyway!

4. The art of body tracing!

It can be hard to find an activity that doesn’t involve electronics these days. Thankfully the art of body tracing can save the day when you can’t think of anything to fix your kid’s boredom. Purchase a few extra-large A1 pieces of paper and take the supplies outside to draw around their body as they lie down on the paper. Then watch as they create a self-portrait on their outline. 

Best of all, body tracing can be both fun and educational. Use the time to paint on parts of the body and teach them about our different organs. Who said that learning is dull?

5. The art of splatter painting!

Have you ever enjoyed the creative fun of splatter painting with your kid? If not, you’re missing out on one of the most beloved painting activities for kids. All you need is an extra-large piece of paper, a selection of multi-colored paints, and an inhibition to get super messy amongst the splatters. 

Encourage your kid to experiment with the directions and motions of the paint splatters and watch as their chaotic masterpiece comes to life. Beware: It’s best to take this kids painting activity outside! This one’s all about letting loose and embracing the mess.

6. The art of spin painting!

Do you own a salad spinner? If so, this one’s for you! Painting ideas for kids do not need to be messy and disorderly. Spin painting acts as the opposite…It creates exquisitely pretty circle patterns that take careful precision to master. 

Just keep adding more paint to the salad spinner and rotate as you go. The more colors you mix, the more intricate the design will be. Alternatively, you can purchase a spin art machine, but a salad spinner works just fine!

7. The art of food painting!

Long gone are the days of receiving a humble orange for Christmas. It’s easy to think kids have everything they need nowadays. Well, food painting is one of the best painting projects for kids when you want to teach them the importance of appreciating the little things in life. 

All you need is a bunch of fruits and vegetables and whatever paint medium you like, whether it’s watercolor, acrylics, or even washable paints! Cut the food in half (watch your fingers!) and print patterns from their insides. Oranges, broccoli, and carrots make the prettiest pictures. 

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