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9 Surprising Paint by Numbers Tips

Want to improve your painting with a few paint by numbers tips and tricks? Good. We’ve got plenty – and not just the usual ones you’ve probably already heard about before. We’re talking surprising paint by numbers tricks that not everyone has tried. 

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a paint by numbers pro, searching for paint by numbers tips and tricks is the best way to brush up on your skills. The entire painting process is a learning curve, so just do your best. Finesse comes when you least expect it. 

We here at Just Paint By Number are all about making your painting process as easy-peasy as possible – that’s why we’ve got nine paint by numbers tips to make your painting look even better.

  1. Start with the largest darkest color

One of our first, and perhaps most important paint by numbers tips is to start with the darkest color. There’s actually a lot of debate around which you should paint first – light or dark colors. But we think, paint the darkest first. Why?

Well, light colors are typically used in areas that need highlighting, and likewise dark colors are usually shadowy areas. So, in the finished piece you’ll want the brighter colors to stand out and pop more. Plus, you’ll get cleaner lines when you paint a lighter color over a darker color. The brushwork will be a lot easier to work with. 

You should also paint the largest areas too. Working the smallest areas last means you won’t accidentally smudge the larger, darker areas into the smaller, lighter areas. You don’t need any unnecessary streaks. 

  1. Let things dry before starting a new color

Another of our important tips for paint by numbers is to let things dry. Don’t rush through all the colors at once or you’ll run the risk of smearing the colors into each other. This will make the whole painting look messy. 

So, put the brush down once you’ve finished one specific color. Let it dry, clean the brush, and start again once the paint is no longer wet, splodgy, and easily smudged. Slow and steady always wins the race!

  1. Don’t be afraid to blur or blend the lines

We can’t believe we’re about to say this but…wait for it…sometimes it’s okay to paint your colors outside the lines – but only ever so slightly. What we mean is it’s okay to blend two separate lines if you think the two colors will intermingle nicely. 

The truth is, a gradual transition of colors creates smoother, more naturally faded lines. For example, blending the blue tones of an ocean or the orangey tones of a sunset means the colors can marry together nicely – rather than appearing blockish. 

One of our very best paint by numbers blending tips is to absolutely do it – but only if you’re up for the challenge. Check out our blog for more paint by numbers blending tips.

  1. Close the paint cup ‘til you hear a click

Another of our (not-so) surprising tips for paint by numbers is to close the paint cup – until you hear a click. This is vital.

You’ll be amazed at how many of our painters forget to do this at the end of their session. If you don’t close the lids, you’ll come back to dried-up paint that’s totally unusable.

  1. Invest in a variety of brushes

You can never have too many brushes. All pro painters know firsthand that a pot of top-quality paintbrushes are best friend material.

Having a variety of sizes also means you can paint bigger areas with bigger brushes (saving you time) and smaller areas with smaller brushes (allowing you to paint finer, more intricate details). The bigger your selection of paintbrushes, the better your finished result. 

  1. Try painting in a group

Paint by numbers doesn’t need to be a lonesome hobby – one of our best paint by numbers tips and tricks is to practice in a group. It can make the whole thing even more fun. Sometimes you need a friend to take the chore out of the process. 

Plus, your fellow painters can provide you with their own tips for doing paint by numbers. You  can learn from one another and offer each other constructive criticism, or helpful advice.

  1. Use your paint sparingly 

A lot of blogs offering paint by numbers tips suggest slathering on the paint thick and hard – but we say different. We say use paint sparingly.

You don’t need overly thick layers to cover up the numbers or make the colors look bigger and bolder. All you have to do is wait for the paint to dry, and then apply another layer. Using too much paint will make it hard to work with and you’ll run the risk of smudging. Plus, you don’t want to run out of paint unnecessarily before you’ve even finished. 

  1. Remember there’s no right or wrong method

A lot of newbies wrongly assume paint by numbers is all about mimicking a strict, regimented procedure – which is only half correct. Although it’s true that following the number codes will give you the right color composition, it’s also important to take a step back from the canvas once in a while to see how you can improve things. 

This is your personal painting – make any changes you feel necessary. There’s no right or wrong method of completing a paint by number. Do what feels best for you. You can start with any number, color, or area you like. 

  1. Embrace your mistakes

We keen artists know firsthand that creativity works best when you think outside the box. That’s why our tips for doing paint by numbers are all about enjoying the process. If you’re not having fun, what’s the point? We love to see our customers smiling when they’ve got our paintbrush in their hands. The very best finished products are those completed by the happiest painters. 

The greatest results come when you’re relaxed and relishing the moment. So, embrace any mistakes you make. We’re not sure whether you know this…but you can always paint over your slip-ups! Revolutionary, right?

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