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Choosing The Right Paint by Numbers for Teens

Want to get your teenager off their screen and into a real life hobby that’s beneficial for their emotional and mental health? Then you need to introduce them to paint by numbers for teens. Let’s look at how this simple activity can help – and how you can convince them it’s worth trying. 

In a digital world where everything’s done online, it can be easy to become out of touch with the here and now. This couldn’t be truer for teenagers – who are particularly addicted to their phones. Born in a time where screens were used in place of pacifiers, they’re true digital natives. But it also means that many teenagers don’t do much without a screen – which can have damaging effects on their health and development in more ways than one.

Plugged in online but disconnected from real life

We’ve all heard of how harmful too much screen time can be for young people – the negative impacts on their emotional, social, mental and physical health present true concerns. From issues with posture to an increased chance of developing anxiety or depression symptoms, the digital world isn’t always the best place for young adults. Plus, common hobbies for teens nowadays involve gaming, creating social media content with friends and watching television or movies – all of which are done on a screen. 

But encouraging them to take up a real-life hobby, especially a creative one, can help to bring them back into the present and express themselves, as well as help to combat the darker side of the virtual world. 

Crafts for teenagers: why it’s so important

Having a creative outlet or working on an art project for teens is fantastic for their development, both emotionally and socially. Teens who take up creative activities can benefit from a better mood, understanding of themselves and more authentic connections with others.

As a paint-focused brand, it’s natural that we recommend paint by numbers as a way of art therapy for teens. But crafts for teens can include a range of other creative activities too, such as:

  • collaging
  • scrapbooking
  • writing
  • sketching
  • coloring.

Even though there are so many fun crafts for teens out there, it can be a bit of a challenge to get them to part ways with their cell phones and tablets. 

Painting for teens: how to make it happen

The key is in finding easy art ideas that’ll dip them into creative activities that take place away from screens. And the beauty of this is it only takes one introduction. Once they’ve discovered the magic of painting for themselves, it’ll be their go-to activity when they’re stressed, bored or have some free time. Paint by numbers works wonders as a form of art therapy for teenagers.

One of the best low-maintenance painting ideas for teens is paint by number kits. They’re easy to pick up for beginners and painting whizzes, are super low stress and are guaranteed to produce beautiful creations. 

There are a few tips you can use to ensure that you pick the right paint by numbers for teens, no matter the occasion or person. Let’s get started.

Think about their interests

You’re going to need something pretty engaging to have any hopes of dragging a teenager away from their screens. A great way to make sure you’re successful in getting them to take time out of their TikTok session is by picking a set that aligns with their interests. 

Whether they’re a fan of anime or Disney, pugs or kittens, rainbows or sunsets, there’s a paint by numbers kit out there that speaks to their interests. We’ve got a huge range to choose from at Just Paint By Number

Personalize their paint by number kits

Everyone loves a customized gift, that’s a fact. So if you want to make sure you pick good crafts for teenager activities, tailor it to whoever you’re giving the paint by numbers kit to. You can choose their favorite scene, artist, or color scheme and turn it into an engaging and easy paint by number set. All it takes is a few clicks and you’ll have one of the most easy art ideas out there ready to keep your teenager busy for a few hours!

Play to pop culture trends

Another way to encourage teens to want to take part in a creative activity is to relate it to a pop culture trend they like. Whether it’s a particular scene or reference, you can incorporate it into a paint by numbers activity. 

The best paint by number kits for teens 

Now it’s time to look at the different options available when it comes to paint by numbers for teens. Because teenagers have already developed the necessary fine motor skills and discipline needed for paint by number kits, they can do any paint by numbers kit they like. So you can choose any style and level of difficulty. 

Taking into account the factors we’ve already discussed, you can make an informed choice about which paint by numbers kit you buy for your teenager. 

Custom paint by number kits

Liked the personalized element we just discussed? A personalized paint by number set really can be 100% tailored to your teenager’s tastes, interests and ability, so it makes an awesome choice. Just be sure to upload a high quality image for the best results. 

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Easy paint by number sets

Perfect for beginners who have never painted before, easy paint by number kits feature less detail and larger sections. Like our Flowers and Rain set, it doesn’t have too many colors to work with and lots of canvas space to practice your technique.

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Pop art paint by number kits

Full of color and personality, pop art style is sure to be a hit amongst young people. Our Pop Art Tiger set makes for a striking and beautiful piece of art that’s super fun to complete.

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Nature-inspired paint by number kits

Nature paintings are always relaxing and elegant, so if you’re looking for a stress-relieving art activity for a teenager, try our Lavender Sunset paint by number kit. It’s absolutely stunning, and would match perfectly hung in a pink-hued room. 

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Travel paint by number kits

If your teen loves to travel or has a favorite vacation spot, then why not get them a kit that’s inspired by that place? For example, our Vintage Venice kit is just gorgeous, with so much detail and color.

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For the best paint by number kits and painting ideas for teens, check out our full collection at Just Paint by Number. You’ll find a range of designs, any of which make for fantastic art projects for teens who need a little time away from their screens. Get started and place an order with us today. If you’ve any questions about finding fun crafts for teens that involve paint by number kits, get in touch with our friendly team – we’d be happy to help. 

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