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Fur-tastic Art: Transforming Pet Photos into Custom Paint by Numbers

english cocker spaniel puppy sitting on ground beside grass

Some would say that a home isn’t a home without a pet. If you share this belief, then chances are you have an endless collection of photos of your beloved animal just waiting to be displayed. 

Want to see your pet on a paint by numbers canvas? Well, now you can! With custom paint by numbers, you can transform your most precious pictures into special works of art that will last forever. 

The Joy That a Pet Portrait Brings

Whether it’s a furry friend, a cool-colored reptile or maybe even a sea creature, any picture of your pet can be turned into a personalized paint by number kit. All you need to do is pick your favorite image, upload it to our website and we will print the outline onto a paint by number custom canvas.  

This is your chance to make that bond between your pet even stronger by creating a masterpiece that honors them and their unique personality – it’s the ultimate way to show your love. And a way to have double of them!

As well as representing the emotional connection between you and your pet, custom paint by number kits also have therapeutic properties that can benefit you in many ways. This calming activity is perfect for clearing your head of anything that may be causing you stress in your day-to-day life. It’s a great way to practice mindfulness and give yourself a moment of peace in the midst of a hectic schedule. Just like any hobby, a custom paint by number is something that you can look forward to, and gain a sense of accomplishment by getting better and better at it each day. 

Crafting Your Pet’s Portrait

When choosing your image, it’s a nice idea to go for a shot that picks out your pet’s character and the quirkiness that makes them special. It could be a picture of your pet in action – playing with their favorite toy or running around the local park. Or maybe a moment when they’re at peak cuteness – snoozing in their favorite part of the house or sitting in an adorable puppy-eyed pose. If you have multiple pets, why not pick a photo featuring all of them together?

It couldn’t be easier to order your custom paint by number: just choose your ideal canvas size, depending on how big you want your painting to be, then upload your image at point of purchase and we’ll take care of the rest! Once your order has been processed, we will send you a digital version of your painting to make sure you are happy with it. Then before you know it, your kit will arrive!

Your package will come with everything you need to create the perfect painting, including a canvas pre-prepared with your design outline, a selection of different-sized brushes and acrylic paints that are all numbered with their corresponding sections on the canvas. 

Completing a pet paint by numbers can be tricky, but there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best results. First, blending the edges of each section into the ones around it can achieve an even more realistic finish, as well as adding some highlights by incorporating some black or white into the color you are working with. As you are painting an animal, using the tip of your finest brush to exaggerate the furry texture, or insert whiskers, can be very effective. More tips and tricks for your pet paint by numbers can be found here. 

Adding Personal Touches

Aside from your pet’s personality, there could be physical attributes that make them stand out too. For example, if you want to create a paint by numbers of your cat, and they have one paw that’s a different color than the rest, this is the ideal opportunity to highlight that lovable quirk of theirs. Or if you have a dog that you want to paint by number – who happens to have a big cheeky grin, this is also something you can show off by choosing the right image for your canvas. 

Another option is to select a close-up image that includes your pet’s name tag. A good headshot will not only flaunt your animal’s scrumptious face, but also mean you can feature the collar in the painting – giving you the chance to add their name for that extra personal touch. 

Showcasing Your Masterpiece

Once your paint by number custom canvas is complete, it’s time to put it up loud and proud. Whether you’ve had a spot picked out for a while, or still haven’t decided where your painting should go, remember to select a location where your masterpiece will get the most attention! This could be the hallway, the kitchen, or another room where you’re likely to host guests and spend the most time in. 

Propped up on the mantelpiece or nailed into the wall, your personalized paint by number is bound to look even more amazing presented in a frame. Check out our blog giving you the best advice on how to frame your masterpiece

Other Collections Worth Considering

As well as personalized paint by number kits, we’ve got lots of pre-made designs available on our website. Collections range from landscapes, to flowers and even holiday destinations. Plus, if you don’t have a dog to paint by number, there’s a whole dedicated puppy section!

If you want to buy a paint by number custom kit, and have hours of fun creating a masterpiece that honors your favorite furry friend, you can place an order today with free shipping.

Got a question? Just shoot us an email: [email protected]

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