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Improved Order Tracking System

Improved Order Tracking System - Just Paint by Number

As you may or may not know, most of our paint by number kits are shipped from China.  That of course allows us to offer these kits at such affordable prices.  In addition, to keep our prices reasonable, all of our kits from China are shipped using ocean freight.  However, items shipped from China in this manner do come with tracking and logistical challenges.

To improve this experience for our customers, we have launched a new and improved Just Paint by Number Order Tracking system.  It allows you to search either by tracking number or by Order Number and e-mail address.  It provides your tracking status, in English, directly on our site.  While it may not necessarily get the packages to you faster, it will provide some transparency as far as the actual location of the package.  There are sometimes changes in tracking numbers for a variety of reasons, we are working on ways to make sure we consistently update those numbers in our system in a timely manner.

At the end of the day, our goal is to provide you the best customer experience in a cost efficient manner.  Give our tracking page a try, and stay home and stay safe!


The current pandemic has created additional challenges as our warehouses were closed for several weeks in January and February as a result of Chinese New Year and quarantine all happening back to back.  However, we have been informed that the warehouses have been working around the clock and are finally catching up on orders.

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