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Large Paint by Numbers Kits

Our collection of kits come in three sizes, but we think large paint by numbers look the greatest when finished and finalized. The colors, patterns, and lines of your chosen kit will come to life right before your eyes – so stay committed and keep painting! 

Do you want to complete a big paint by numbers? If so, you’re in luck. We have so many wonderful kits that look extra special in our largest size: 60x75cm / 24/30in. 

All of the big-size paint by numbers deserve a proud spot on a coveted wall in your home, so find the one that stands out most to you. Pick a favorite! Your very own masterpiece is waiting for you.

Here’s the full rundown of the 12 best large paint by numbers – all of which we think look best plus-sized. We’ll categorize the large paint by numbers by those for adults and also children. 

Paintbrushes at the ready!

Large paint by numbers for adults

First let’s look at the best large paint by numbers kits for adults. These are slightly tricker to paint, with extra detailing and smaller areas to cover. 

San Francisco Landscape Kit

One of our most sophisticated big paint by numbers is the San Francisco Landscape Kit. You’ll paint the gorgeous contrasting colors of blue skies and a golden sunset. And the detailing of the reflecting rain adds that extra polished touch. It’ll look marvelous extra-large and taking a prized spot on your wall. 

Who’ll love it most? Travelers and experienced painters.

Fairyland Landscape Kit

Sometimes the simplest kits are best. So how about our fairytale landscape kit that depicts a floral garden landscape of beautiful pink trees, a red bridge, and a lake full of water lilies? It’s a picture-perfect scene that you can’t help but smile at.

Who’ll love it most? Gardeners and happy souls.

Van Gogh Flower Kit

As part of our vintage collection, the Van Gogh Flower kit is a chance for you to mimic one of the most renowned painters of all time, Vincent van Gogh. The kit comes with everything you need to recreate the iconic apricot flower masterpiece – just with the special twist of your own brushstrokes and efforts. Who knows what talents you have hidden?

Who’ll love it most? Art and history lovers.

Colorful Glasses Frog Kit

This is one of our favorite big-size paint by numbers kits – and one of our most popular. Its demand is totally understandable because who could resist this cute little face? Completely suitable for both kids and adults, so pick up a paintbrush and start painting this abstract and colorful kit.

Who’ll love it most? Everyone, especially frog-lovers.

Abstract Waterfall Woman Kit

Another stunning large paint by numbers kit is the Abstract Waterfall Woman. The striking abstract design is like nothing you’ve ever seen before – complete with unicorns, golden skies, and turquoise blue waters. As part of our fantasy collection, this kit takes you far away to a land unknown. 

Who’ll love it most? Painters who want to escape reality.

Colorful Sky Scenery Kit

Do you love the fantasy-themed large paint by numbers? If so, here’s another: our Colorful Sky Scenery Kit. This kit depicts a scene of shooting stars plummeting towards a gorgeous cerulean ocean. It’s got a child-like quality to it, but still one of our favorite large paint by numbers for adults. 

Who’ll love it most? Adults and children alike.

Colorful Roses Kit

A lot of our fav large paint by numbers are ultra-colorful ones, like our Colorful Roses Kit. With its vivid multitude of colors and bold shapes, it’s a painting that’s super satisfying to complete. The end results are magnificent too. Your home will brighten up as soon as it’s hung on the wall. It makes a wonderful gift too. 

Who’ll love it most? Painters who need a pop of color in their lives.

Big paint by numbers for children

Now let’s take a closer look at the big paint by numbers for children. With their brilliant colors and bigger number blocks, these are the kits best painted by kiddos. Ready? 

Pink Unicorn Kit

One of our most popular children’s kits is the Pink Unicorn kit. With its pastel colors and fairytale-like quality, this is perfect for little girls and boys who want to start practicing paint by numbers. The blockish green background also gives them a chance to master their brushstrokes before getting into the more intricate details. 

Who’ll love it most? Unicorn-lovers.

Zebra Bubble Kit

Kids will love our pop art-esque Zebra Bubble Kit for two big reasons. Firstly, it depicts a cute zebra blowing pink bubblegum – who’s ever seen that before? And secondly, the minimal colors and thicker graphic lines make it easier to learn. This is definitely a large paint by numbers that’s suitable for beginners.

Who’ll love it most? Pop art fans

Kitty & Puppy Dog Kit

Who doesn’t love kittens and puppies? With their adorable little faces coming to life as you paint your way across the canvas, this Kitty & Puppy Dog Kit is a real heart-melter for any animal-lover out there. Children will especially love this one. It also features minimal colors, making it easier and faster to complete. 

Who’ll love it most? Dog-lovers and cat-lovers.

Santa Claus on Canvas Kit

Anyone who loves the joys and festivities of Christmas will love our Santa Claus on Canvas Kit – especially little ones who love nothing more than getting excited for December 25 every year. Featuring everyone’s favorite bearded friend, this is a kit that brings real magic to the festive season. Plus it’s a big paint by numbers canvas that’ll take up the whole room!

Who’ll love it most? Christmas-junkies. 

Cute Girl Kit

Last on our list of big-size paint by numbers is our Cute Girl Kit. Depicting a sweet moment of affection between a little girl and her kitten, this is a painting that reminds you of what’s most important in life – love and friendship. And, the burst of red in the color palette makes the canvas really pop once it’s finished. 

Who’ll love it most? Little girls who adore no one more than their furry friend.

Get in touch

Want your very own large paint by numbers kit? Good choice. Your walls at home will soon be filled with lots of marvelous paintings – all completed by you. 

Want a big paint by numbers that’s personal to you? Choose our custom photo kit.

Whether it’s a landscape scene or a portrait of you and a loved one, simply choose your fav photo and leave it up to us to create the kit. 

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