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What Is Diamond Painting?


We’ll always love painting by numbers, but there’s another highly-addictive hobby that comes in close second these days: diamond paint by numbers! But what is a diamond painting?

If you’re here reading this, chances are you’ve finished a painting kit or two in your time, but have you tried a diamond paint by numbers kit? It works in a very similar way and the end results are a glimmering spectacle.

So without further ado, let’s answer the all-important questions you might have – including what is diamond painting? 

Curious? Good.

Diamond painting by numbers

In simple terms, diamond painting is a mashup of cross-stitch and paint by numbers – so you can see why we love diamond painting here at Just Paint by Number.

The method works in a very similar way to painting by numbers – by applying lots of uniquely colored diamonds onto individually numbered sections printed on an adhesive canvas. But instead of paint, you use resin diamonds.

The finished piece gives off a stunning multi-dimensional effect with intricate designs, patterns, and lots of beautiful colors. 

It’s an innovative type of art that’s become super popular in recent years. So if you love painting by numbers, you’ll love diamond paint by numbers too.

Do we have diamond paint by numbers kits?

We sure do! Create your very own custom diamond paint by numbers kit by sending a photo for us to transform into a personalized sparkly masterpiece. 

Our custom diamond paint by numbers kits are available in a range of different sizes, so choose the perfect one for you – remember, the bigger the canvas, the more detailed the design.

You can get one for yourself to complete, or they make a great gift for your friends and family. Don’t miss out on the chance to memorialize your most treasured moments.

Want to know more? We’ve got all the info you need.


5 easy steps: How to do a diamond painting 

Order one of our custom diamond paint by numbers kits online and we’ll deliver it to your door. 

Once in your hands, here are our five easy steps for how to do diamond painting – it’s super simple…

1: Unpack your kit

Our diamond painting kits contain all the diamond painting tools you need to create your masterpiece. It starts with getting every component out of the kit, ready for use. 

Your kit contains:

  • premium adhesive canvas 
  • color-coded rhinestones
  • magic diamond applicator 
  • wax pad 
  • craft tray
  • printed instructions.

2: Prepare your kit for painting

Roll out your canvas and pour your chosen diamond color into the tray provided – they’re all now easy to see and grab.

3: Add some wax to your diamond applicator 

This ensures that you’ll be able to pick up your resin diamonds and pop them accurately on the canvas.

4: Pick up and stick your diamonds

Gently push your pen on top of the diamond you want to pick it up, and place it on the corresponding spot on the canvas. You’ll get quicker as time goes on, promise! 

5: Repeat until you’re done.

Popular diamond painting techniques 

We know firsthand how much time and effort goes into any diamond paint by numbers kit – it takes commitment! To shake things up a bit, how about changing your diamond painting technique? 

There are three main techniques we like to use here at Just Paint by Number. Which one is your favorite?

  1. The checkerboard method

Based on the alternating black and white squares on a chessboard. You basically start by sticking a diamond in every other numbered box – and THEN go back and fill the left-over spaces in the empty boxes. 

  1. Row-by-row method

The most simple, perhaps most repetitive method – but the quickest. You stick multiple diamonds at a time and fill up the numbered rows as you go.

  1. Color-by-color method

Pretty self-explanatory. 

Simply work up and down (or across) the canvas by sticking the diamonds – one specific color at a time. It’s an easy method, but probably the most satisfying by seeing the canvas slowly fill up.

So here are our three recommended methods for you to give a go. That way you can figure out which you like using the most.

How to frame a diamond painting

There’s a real sense of pride in creating a diamond painting, so the last step is to frame it. You’ve done a good job, so it absolutely deserves a coveted spot on your wall.

Wondering how to frame a diamond painting correctly? Just follow these five simple steps.

  1. We recommend using any ordinary store-bought frame. They can come in all sorts of colors, materials, and qualities. Choose a style that you like or one that compliments the colors of your painting the most.
  2. Make sure the frame is slightly smaller than your diamond painting canvas. This way it will fit snugly without coming loose. Remember: you can always trim the edges with a pair of scissors to make it fit perfectly.
  3. Wipe off any dirt and dust to make it extra sparkling. And apply sealant too.
  4. Place the canvas facedown in the frame and turn back around with all the edges inside. The canvas should now fit nicely.

Top tip: We highly recommend getting a glassless frame. The light reflection of the glass only takes away from the bling of the diamonds.

4 Tips: How to do diamond painting

Want a few diamond paint by numbers tips? We’ve got you covered.

  1. Remove any lines with nail polish remover

Just like paint by numbers, the canvas will have printed numbers for you to follow. These can sometimes peek through behind the diamonds, but don’t worry – they’re easily removed with nail polish remover. Simply rub them off.

  1. Use a flashlight to see the numbers better

Some of the numbers are so tiny they’re hard to see with the naked eye – especially if you don’t have the best eyesight. A simple shine of your phone’s flashlight torch will help you see them better.

  1. Seal your finished product

Want to increase the longevity of your diamond painting? Apply a coat of brush-on sealant to keep the canvas intact for years to come. Mod Podge is our go-to choice – it works a treat without reducing the shine and sparkle of the diamonds. It’s one of the must-have diamond painting tools for both beginners and experts.

  1. Use baby wipes 

If you drop something on the adhesive canvas, don’t panic. Most things will come unstuck – and you can use baby wipes to clear away any cruddy remnants left behind. Just wait for the  canvas to dry before you start sticking again.

Get in touch

Want your very own paint by numbers kit? Choose our custom photo kit.

Whether it’s a landscape scene or a portrait of you and a loved one, simply choose your fav photo and leave it up to us to create the kit. 

Got a question? Get in touch! Just shoot us an email at [email protected]

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