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Creating Custom Family Portraits With Paint by Numbers

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Is your house full of family photos? Why not make your favorite stand out by turning it into a beautiful painting? 

Revamp your home decor and bring that special family photo to life by purchasing a custom paint my number kit, where you can transform any picture into a paintable canvas to treasure forever. 

Family Bonding Through Painting by Numbers

If you’re looking for an activity that’ll bring the whole household together, painting your very own family portrait is the perfect group project. You can do this by simply uploading a picture onto our website and creating a paint by number canvas that’s unique to you. 

You can either take turns painting sections of one photo, or purchase multiple personalized paint by number kits – so everyone has their own photo to work on. 

Painting by numbers is an easy way to create a masterpiece, which means kids of all ages can take part and feel included in this special family bonding time. 

All you need to do is gather around the table, pick up your paint brushes, and watch each other’s paint by number canvases change into meaningful works of art. You can even reminisce about the times these photos were taken – sharing stories and laughter from the memories that each picture conjures up.   

When you paint by number from a family portrait, you’re creating new memories around it, making the picture an even more significant part of your family’s story and giving you even more to smile about, whenever you see it. 

Selecting the Perfect Family Photo 

When it comes to family photos, we’re sure there’s plenty to choose from when you combine everyone’s camera rolls. 

Whether it’s a candid snap or one taken at a studio by a professional photographer, our advice would be to go for an image where you and your family aren’t too far away from the camera. With a more zoomed-in image shot – where there’s less empty space means intricate details, like clothing and facial features, won’t be as difficult to paint because they won’t be as small. When painting by numbers, you also want to work from an image that’s simple, high-resolution and brightly coloured, to give it the best chance of becoming a successful piece of art. 

It’s best to choose an image that’s relatively recent – especially if you have children who are still growing up. The painting will have more longevity if it features each family member at an age where their appearance is no longer drastically changing. Maybe it’s set in a place that’s significant to your family or was taken at a major event. This extra layer of context is what will make your painting really special. 

Above all, you want the image to represent you as a family and capture the essence of what you’re all about. It should evoke emotion from the viewer and instantly tell a story.  

If you need more advice before deciding whether a particular photo will work well as a painting, read our all-inclusive guide to making the most of your custom paint by number kit.  

Customizing Your Paint by Numbers Kit

Order one of our custom kits and paint by number from a family photo! All you need to do is select an image, pick a canvas size and upload your picture for approval. As mentioned, for best results, make sure your picture is high-resolution and not a copy of the original. 

Our canvases come in lots of different sizes, ranging from 30×40 to 80×100. Think about where your painting will be displayed before making a final decision on size. Prior to your personalized paint by number kit being sent out to you, we’ll send you a digital version of what your canvas will look like – so you can confirm that you are 100% happy with it. 

Painting your paint by number family portrait

For maximum enjoyment, it’s a good idea to prepare your workspace before beginning your painting. Choosing the right spot is important…avoid taking over a space in the house that is used regularly by others. This means you won’t be disturbed and you can keep your equipment out without being in anyone else’s way – leaving you to complete your paint by number family portrait in your own time.  

When you’re calm, you’re also more likely to have a steady hand, which is key when painting by numbers. Another tip would be to make sure you’re not using too much water so that the paint remains vibrant and pigmented – but use enough so that you can blend the edges of each segment before they dry for that realistic effect. 

You can even add some shadows and highlights over the top of your completed painting for that expert finishing touch. Then, all that’s left to do is mount it on the wall. Think your masterpiece deserves a frame? You can find out how to do that here

For more tips on how to make your personalized paint by number canvas pop, check out our previous blog post. 

Beyond Family Portraits 

With the freedom of our custom kits and huge collection of ready-made prints, you can do so much more than just paint by numbers from a family photo. 

Any photo can become a paint by numbers kit: how about a fun action shot of your pet? Or a landscape image of your most memorable family holiday? A wedding or birthday would also be a great thing to capture in a painting to commemorate the occasion.

Our paint by number kits are the cherry-on-top gift – whether you’re buying it for someone else to paint or giving away the finished painting to a loved one. 

With the holiday season coming up, this sentimental and thoughtful gift idea is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on whoever receives it. Order now for a quick and free delivery – plus peace of mind knowing that you have one less present to think about in the lead-up to Christmas. 

Got a question? Just shoot us an email: [email protected]

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