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The 5 Best Anime Paint by Numbers

Are you a big fan of anime? If so, you’re in luck. We have five of the best anime painting kits for you to choose from – specifically anime diamond painting kits that give you an extra-special 5D effect rather than standard 2D painting. 

It’s no surprise that so many of our customers here at Just Paint by Number love anime. The visual style of anime lends itself so well to painting by numbers – big graphic lines, bold blocked colors, and buckets full of fantasy-type designs for you to get lost in. 

So without further ado, let’s look at our five best anime paint by numbers. Find your favorite and order it online today.

We’re also going to explore some anime painting ideas and tips to help get the ball truly rolling on your new painting. So listen up…

DIY Fairy Anime Diamond Painting Kits

Combining anime with classic Disney-themed princesses, our DIY fairy anime diamond kits are some of our most unique anime paint by numbers. As you get going with the diamond placements, you’ll soon start to see some of the world’s most beloved fairytale princesses come to life. Featured princesses include Aladdin’s Jasmine, Beauty & the Beast’s Belle, and of course, Frozen’s Elsa to name a few. So choose your favorite depending on which classic Disney film you love the most.

There’s so much detail in these anime paint by numbers diamond kits – so take your time and enjoy the process.

Who’ll love it most? Disney fans who long to be a Disney princess!

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5D DIY Diamond Painting Halloween Anime Kits

Next on our list of anime paint by numbers is our selection of 5D Diamond Painting Halloween Kits. Featuring all sorts of Halloween-themed visuals, these are best suited for advanced diamond painters who are willing to take on a challenge. Each visual boasts plenty of Autumnal colors to help you get in the spooky festive spirit.

These anime diamond paintings also make a fantastic gift for Halloween, so grab yours soon, just in time for October 31. We’ll make sure stocks are high as we wouldn’t let you or your loved one miss out.

Who’ll love it most? Painters who come alive most around Halloween

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DIY Diamond Painting Car Anime Kits

We have another selection of anime paint by numbers kits that’ll also catch the attention of Disney fans: our Cars-themed anime diamond painting kits. Featuring all of your favorite Cars characters (including Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Mack) – just choose your favorite and get painting as soon as it arrives. 

What makes these anime painting kits so great is the simplicity of the colors and composition – making them perfect for kiddos who are just starting their anime diamond painting journey. It’s always best to start small and easy rather than be thrown into the deep end right away.

Who’ll love it most? Fans of the movie, Cars

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5D Diamond Anime Painting Kits for Adults

You’re wrong if you think anime is only for youngsters. In fact, some of our most popular anime diamond painting kits include the 5D Diamond Anime Painting Kits for Adults. These contain subtle erotic imagery that some of the biggest anime fans will know and love.

Although they might not be suitable for our youngest customers, there are plenty of painters who love nothing more than taking on these types of diamond painting kits. So choose the graphic you love the most and get to work!

Who’ll love it most? Adults who love the erotic side of anime

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5D Cartoon Anime Diamond Painting Kits for Adults

Last on our list of the best anime paint by numbers kits is our selection of 5D Cartoon Anime Diamond Painting Kits. With these, the unique beauty of anime comes to life with the 5D diamond painting effect. 

Just beware that although these kits might be suitable for kids at first glance, some of the running themes found in the depictions are suitable for adults only. Check out our For Kids selection if that’s what you’re looking for.

Who’ll love it most? Anime fans who love darker themes

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Anime painting ideas and tips

Now it’s time to run through our tips for getting the most impressive end result.

  • Remember, the larger the kit, the better the end result – and lasting effect.
  • Use the ‘checkerboard’ method for larger areas of one single block color – it speeds up the process.
  • Flatten the canvas with a rolling pin if it refuses to straighten out. This also helps get rid of unwanted air bubbles.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on the diamonds when applying them onto the canvas. They’re quite fragile.
  • Use a desk lamp or phone light to brighten up your workspace if you find it hard to see the numbers or your eyes start to tire.
  • Set up a suitable workspace including a comfortable chair. We don’t want you hunching or getting an unnecessary back ache.
  • Seal the finished product to give it enhanced longevity and durability.
  • Frame the kit once it’s complete and give it a prized spot on your wall. 
  • Glassless frames are the best for diamond painting. The reflection and shine from glass tends to take away from the cool 5D effect.

For even more tips, check out our full blog on the best diamond painting tips. We’ve got everything you need to know!

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Are you a massive fan of anime in search of the best anime paint by numbers kits? Well, we’ve got some of the best anime diamond painting kits so you can find your favorite. Anime painting is easier when you pick the best, most suitable kit for your ability – so choose wisely. 

Alternatively, if you want a paint by numbers kit that’s personal to you – choose our custom photo kit. You can upload a photograph of you and your loved one, or your favorite design/image – including anime graphics.

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