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Improved Order Tracking System

As you may or may not know, most of our paint by number kits are shipped from China.  That of course allows us to offer these kits at such affordable prices.  In addition, to keep our prices reasonable, all of our kits from China use ocean freight.  However, items shipped from China in this manner do come with tracking and logistical challenges.  Many of our customers have expressed frustration with the tracking process.  To improve this experience, we have launched a new and improved Just Paint by Number Order Tracking system.  It allows you to search either by tracking number or by Order Number and e-mail address.

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We now offer kits paint by number kits shipped from the US

We at Just Paint by Number hope all of your are staying safe given the current pandemic.  Many of you have been looking for activities for you and your family to do while you are quarantined, and our normal 30 day turnaround times have been unbearable for some.  To better serve our customers during these challenging times, we have added a new collection of paint by number kits that are shipped from the US.  These kits will ship much quicker and arrive much sooner, so you'll be able to enjoy them BEFORE the quarantine ends which we hope will be soon enough.  Stay home, stay safe, and enjoy our new paint by number kits!

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A Customer sent us their completed paint by number kit!

Thanks Joe from Hercules, CA for sending us a photo of your completed Game of Thrones Paint by Number kit!  Joe was also nice enough to post the photo on our Just Paint by Number Facebook page.  Please make sure to like us and we'd love for you to share photos of your creations as well.  We also encourage you to join our Facebook Group, where we encourage our customers to share their work, tips, and experiences.  Paint by number is a truly fun and relaxing activity.  Just Paint by Number is trying to provide as many tools and communities to help facilitate enjoyment of this activity.  Share it with others!

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Animal Paint by Number Kits

In addition to custom paint by number kits, kits that are animal themed are among our most popular kits.  The most popular animal custom paint by number kits are dogs, wolves, elephants, and tigers.  These range from kits that are very realistic looking to those that are very abstract representations of these different animals.   Each of these kits includes the printed canvas with numbers for each of the designated areas, the corresponding paints, and brushes.  They vary in size from as small as around 30 cm by 40 cm (about 12 inches by 16 inches) to as large as 80 cm by 120 cm (32 inches by 48 inches).  As with all of our kits, people enjoy the process of painting them,...

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Christmas Paint by Number Kits

With the holidays fast approaching, it's no surprise that Christmas Paint by Number kits are among our most requested items around this time of year.  Our holiday collection features a variety of Santa, Snowmen, and Christmas animal-themed kits.  Keep in mind, these kits typically take anywhere from 12 to 25 days to process and ship so please plan accordingly if you would like to have the kit arrive before Christmas.  We are also going to have a special discount that will only be active between Black Friday and CyberMonday.  Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to get exclusive access to this discount! The other popular request we've been getting is to Host a Just Paint by...

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